Richard Sauder PhD – His view Underground Bases 9

Ancient tunnel systems , Hopi Indians . They talk about four period when the civilizations of earth have been destroyed.The Hopi talk about going underground and living with the Ant People .

Richard , also discusses tunnels between Sandia / Kirkland Base and Las Alamos . These tunnels are world wide — a worldwide issue.

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  1. It’s funny, because I have a book printed in 1962, that state’s that the BBC had built an underground Hydroelectricity Power Station under Wychbold in Worcestershire in 1952, and apparently generating enough electricity at that time to power over 5000 home’s. Yet the BBC daily throw’s at the public escalating oil and energy price war’s to make us all paranoid about a fuel crisis, and as far as i’m concerned, after finding this infomation in an old book, I wouldn’t be suprised if the BBC were really Nazi’s! They’re using mind game’s via the media to control the masses, because the only reason why my Dad joined the British Army he told me, was because the M.O.D. British Leagion are really a faction of the American Civil War Society, AKA Skull & Bone’s, AKA Freemasons, AKA The Builderburg’s of the Rotary Club, and more of what is known as the White Supremisist’s and elitist’s umberella organisation’s, which are really all Nazi’s, and we’re just the powns in their mind game for their entertainment. And because the world is again waking up to the truth that NASA’s just a fake actor’s club using medical piccies from electron miocroscope’s for Alien’s, and we’re all getting to know whose really been controling the masses behind our fake leader’s, we’re again in the process of a Third Reich becoming a Fourth, and again the true history of the World is wiped out along with it’s people, just like what’s happening today in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the old Nazi Schitzo trick of swapping the identity’s of their trained troop’s, and not just British troop’s, which they report missing or dead in action, to replace a country’s slaughtered population with their suposedly dead troop’s, and this is how the Nazi’s have been infecting every Nation on the Planet, because people who have Stockholm Syndrome cannot abide the truth about themselves!

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