Satan,Devil, Shape Shifter, or the Claw Man by priscilla wolf- Part One

When people have problems as drinking, drugs, abusers and a real bad life of crime they attract evil spirits,demons.
Demons that battle for the human soul. I was just a child when I first heard of the Devils claw, a demon that had attacked a Man that my Grandfather knew in Toas, NM. A man, I will call Manuel, and his beautiful wife Penny, and her parents who were old and could not defend their daughter from a abusive husband. One night the beating got worse, Manuel laughed and told her get out and run to your parents! I’m not scared of the devil! or your father!but that night was different standing at the window was a demon who was seeking a soul. Penny left crying and to her parents house. Manuel was all proud of himself as he looked at himself and said I’m in power! But the demon was outside planning his visit to Manuel. Soon there after Manuel heard a loud knock on the door. who in the hell are you? he screamed! he got up from his chair walked up to the door to open it, to his surprise there stood his father in law. This skinny old man was there asking him to step outside. This made Manuel very angry and upset! he stepped outside and punched the old man knocking him down, but suddenly as he thought he had the best of the old man. The old man turned into a Demon Beast. As he attacked him scratching his face with a claw of a animal. His face was bleeding and he was getting beat up real bad. Manuel asked him to stop but the demon beat him up more. until there was not much life left in him. Manuel was able to crawl away and walked to his father in laws home the poor family were scared to open the door and when they did they were shocked to see Manuel bleeding all over and was beaten up real bad he was half crazy telling them to forgive him and that the devil beat him up.I was told he became a changed man and he had no soul.

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