Shaman our Cosmic 4- Legged Friend –Is it all True Series# 109

Well, Friday the 13th was very tragic for us. Our companion of 14 years has moved on to his next adventure. We have walked and hiked thousands of wonderful miles together. In his younger days, he was always there with his eager smile and telepathing to us “So what is next my human friends.” Even in his last days he mustered up enough energy to do a quick 3+-mile walk. He was with us in Atlanta, Tucson, Park City and Albuquerque.

So my friend where will you go in your cosmic portal? Will you go to another world where dogs are in total charge (sort of like here), or will your spirit/soul enter another being of the 2-legged variety? Whatever it is you will be the very best, for you never let us down, you brighten up our world every step of the way.

I feel strongly there should be a Cosmic Law your four- legged friends should never die before you. That is a little selfish, but I would add that the four-legged friend would go automatically to a loving home. It’s very tough to let a close friend go, though he did leave in total peace, my heart truly hurts as I sit and write this.

Thank the universe that I believe there is no death. It, death, is a total illusion. The Cosmic energy of all living beings can’t be destroyed or altered and it goes on forever. The place I feel I may meet my friend again is in dream time or even maybe the next time I photograph a vortex – his smiling face will appear and I will smile back. Boy are we going to miss you, but we will never regard a minute of those 14 wonderful years together.

Shaman was much more than our friend he was our spirit keeper. To you always my BIG HIKER Boy, BIG Swimmer Boy and true Adventurer BOY, — Happy trails to you until we meet AGAIN.

Love Always and Forever from us.


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