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August 2010 Knowledge Newsletter
By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I have been asked many times what will happen in December 2012. I hope this newsletter will give you a clearer picture of what the future may look like.


I am sure many of you have seen TV programs or read about the Mayan prophesies. According to the Dresden Codex, which is the only Mayan book that remains, the world will end on Dec 12, 2012. They came to this conclusion because the last 5000 year cycle according to the Maya ends on that date. Since the other Mayan books were burnt by missionaries, we have no knowledge of what the Mayans believed regarding the next cycle. Without these texts, we cannot conclude the world will end in December 2012, only that one cycle is ending.

Many TV shows about 2012 never mention the fact that there will be a start of a new cycle. All they speak about is the worst case scenarios’ as they choose to interpret them from the bible, Notradamas’ quatrains and other texts. They never suggest we are shifting into higher dimensional consciousness because they want to keep us in fear and under control.

Many times in history have people feared that the world was coming to an end but we are still here. The start of year 2000 was a recent example of this hysteria. The Hopi Elders and other indigenous tribes say the world has been destroyed many times in the past by fire, floods, and ice ages, which happens to be true according to scientific evidence, but they also point out that when the fourth world ends, which is the world we are living in, we will enter the 5th world.

Some fear the consequences of a pole shift. The poles have already shifted about 20 degrees and we are still here. Our sun has already had a pole shift. Some scientist’s say the poles shift every 12,500 years while others say this occurs every 700,000 years based on their geological evidence.

As far as prophesies go, many seers have predicted a massive reduction in world population due to nuclear war, disease, lack of food and unclean water, earth changes or asteroids hitting the planet. It is difficult to determine today if the many weather related and earth changing disasters have natural causes or are due to effects of low frequency waves being beamed into our ionosphere by military forces from many countries.

We have experienced a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes in the past few years. While these events can bring extensive loss of life and property damage, the upside is that the energy that moves through the earth grid prior to these events can be beneficial to humans. These vibrations of subtle energy which flow through the meridians or ley lines of the planet cause resonant responses in our physical bodies. These energies not only cause shifts in the landscape but in human and planetary consciousness.

Some people are experiencing some physical and emotional symptoms related to these seismic subtle energies and the higher frequency energy flooding the planet. These symptoms can include an increase in short term memory challenges, sudden changes in body temperature and inexplicable physical discomfort or pain which dissipates quickly. Some have thinking challenges, sudden losses of energy and an inability to get a good night’s sleep. The best way to deal with these temporary symptoms is to lie down and rest. These symptoms occur because our bodies are adjusting to the new higher frequency energies.

These energy waves can have positive effects and provide opportunities to enter into deep states of consciousness that are both healing and nourishing. Some people experience increased energy flowing through their bodies, which can last for moments or hours, during which they experience a download of cosmic information. When this occurs, it is best to let go and surrender to these experiences. They may seem odd but they are just evolutionary jumpstarts that occur unexpectedly. Since there is no way to stop them, try to accept them.

Some of these changes may sound frightening but there is an upside to this picture. The planet is going through growing pains just as we do as we move from adolescence to adulthood. Earth is birthing 5th dimensional consciousness which is something new for our planet. Changes associated with 5th dimensional consciousness are a feeling of oneness with all living beings on this planet which include the mineral kingdom, plant and animal life, and humans everywhere. An increase in our psychic abilities, increased sensitivity towards others, attraction to those of like-mind, and the realization that there are many beings in spirit as well as intelligent life living in our solar system and visiting us here. This new consciousness will bring a movement towards world peace and a trend towards bio sustainability. There will be a time when love will be the dominant emotion on this planet instead of hatred and aggression.

Each of us has a choice to remain in third dimensional consciousness, which is based on duality and separation, and is full of fears about earth disasters, stock market crashes, job and other losses, and the world coming to an end; or we can move into 5th dimensional awareness where these events will not occur and we will remain unscathed. To get to 5th dimensional consciousness we need to open our hearts with unconditional love for ourselves and every living being on this planet.

The fact that we have this choice may not make much sense but the truth is that when you shift into a higher consciousness and are heart centered, you see the world differently and different scenarios manifest. As I mentioned in my June 2010 newsletter, when I experienced a heart opening last year, many things changed around me. Not only did my perceptions change and how I felt inside but my relationships and who and what I attracted into my life also altered.

While a 5th dimensional future may sound idyllic, it is possible for each of us to create it. The future is not fixed but made up of many probabilities and possibilities. My July 2010 newsletter explained how we create our realities. We now have a perfect opportunity to create the future we would like. In order to do so, we need take responsibility for our choices, thoughts and beliefs because these create our reality. We need to be heart centered instead of full of fear because that changes everything. Remember love transforms and fear is limiting.

We live in a unified energy field that surrounds our planet as well as ourselves. This field is conscious and is continually being impregnated with all our intentions, thoughts and feelings. So don’t think what you say think or feel doesn’t matter. It does. The more people who send the positive intentions into this field, the quicker we will create a peaceful abundant future for all of us. So pay attention to your thoughts and choose words that imply oneness and connection rather than those that reflect beliefs in separation.

We have to take responsibility for creating the future we want and not expect the government or others to create it for us. Don’t give away your power to others or let them make your decisions out of laziness or feeling powerless. The future depends on each and every ne of us doing our part. Be a loving person inside and out rather than one filled with angry aggressive thoughts because aggressive thoughts manifest as war, which no one really wants. Being loving will improve your health as the cells of your body respond to your thoughts. It will bring blessings into your life based on the law of attraction and it won’t cost you anything. Love is the highest form of energy and it will protect and nurture your growth.

Unity consciousness is the next step in our spiritual evolution. Transformation is a natural part of any shift in consciousness. Consciousness communicates continuously by vibrations of electromagnetic frequencies. Your heart and spiritual centers are constantly receiving the higher energy frequencies in order to allow you to live in unity consciousness on the 5th dimension. The amount of higher energy input will fluctuate based on where you focus your thoughts and how much time you spend thinking about your past or worrying about your future. Those who are unaware or believe they are separate from this source of higher energy prevents them from seeing the wholeness of existence. Unity consciousness already exists in the 5th dimension. All we are doing now is allowing it into our hearts and awareness.

As light and love continues to grow on this planet, it will push everything that conflicts with light and love to the surface to be healed and transmuted. The exposure of the subprime mortgage fiasco in the fall 2008 was an example of such situations coming to the light for transformation. In spite of the fact that the greedy actions of the financial institutions caused many to loose their homes and their jobs, these practices have now been corrected. We can expect that the coming years will bring more exposure of practices of big corporations and financial institutions who have acted with only their own interests in mind.

While the consequences of exposure may be unpleasant, exposure of wrong doing is a necessary step in changing the consciousness on this planet. In order for us to move into the light, all conflicts and wrong doing needs to come to the surface to be healed. Anything that does not reflect harmony and perfection such as poverty, disease, hatred, prejudice, corruption, greed, violence, war, religious fanaticism, abuse of power must be transmuted.

The challenge is to stay heart centered and not become discouraged in the face of what appears as adversity. The more we each contribute love and create unity consciousness through our own personal actions, the faster this transition will be over. We can’t build our future on a rotten core. It needs to be cleaned out so we can create a future based on love and brotherhood not control and greed.

Many people are concerned these days about their life purpose and role they are to play in this shift to 5th dimensional consciousness. As each of us awakens, we will be guided by our Higher Selves to our role according to our abilities, talents, and desires. We all have something to contribute no matter what that may be. Many will wish to be in service to others. Light workers who are therapists, healers, and teachers will be guided to work with individuals to awaken, empower and heal them.

There will be those who are drawn to create groups or facilitate networking groups in their local areas. These groups can have a spiritual, business, environmental or other focus with their commonality being the desire to work in love and with spirit. Those with the gifts and talents to become global networkers and facilitators will link together groups of people around the planet in a network of heart-based love. An example of this was the Conscious Convergence that took place this past July 17th and 18th globally. These will be the leaders, teachers and humanitarians who will strive to promote the concepts of peace, love and global co-operation. Eventually these planetary networks and groups will join together to create a powerful planetary network based on love and compassion resulting in a merging of spiritual, political and social functions.

At the top level will be a planetary council of elders who will be the facilitators of the Earth. They will be the wise ones selected by spirit to guide the planetary consciousness in its full expression of love and creativity. This council of elders is already in existence and those who are called to perform this service know who they are and what they need to do.

Each of us has chosen to be here for this transformation. We each have something to contribute which will be revealed to us at the perfect time. As we step into our roles as co-creators, we will realize that the illusion of separation was the only thing holding us back from experiencing our full potential. The beauty of oneness is that it dissolves all judgment, fear and ideas of punishment and forgiveness. It speaks to the heart and the unending love that is present at all times.

It is difficult for us to grasp what reality will look like as this higher energy moves through us and we experience a rebirth of our full potential and connection with spirit. We will view the world through different eyes. The chaos will gradually seem less threatening as we begin to see the emergence of these new patterns of love and compassion on our planet.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance.
Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney


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