SHIFT LESSONS from the Gulf: Ready for higher pressure? Generessa Rose — June 2010

Newsletter from Generessa Rose — June 2010

Lessons and reminders from which we can learn are all around us as we
make our way through these transformational times. For example, the
catastrophic situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a metaphor we can use
to reassess the physical management of our own PERSONAL energy system.

In order to bring about needed planetary changes, the acceleration of
higher frequencies incoming to the planet and ourselves continues. To
receive and contain the pressure of these higher frequencies, a
balanced, strong, clear, well-maintained physical system is essential
for greater comfort during our metamorphosis.

In the Gulf of Mexico debacle, the ego-pressure of greed combined with
faulty equipment which had not been maintained properly led to the
catastrophic explosion and continuous gush of polluting crude oil into
the Gulf. This event killed people, wildlife, livelihoods and
generational ways of living, with more repercussions yet to come.

Using this event as a metaphor for the increasing energies pressing us
toward personal transformation, ask yourself these questions:

In what shape is your PERSONAL BLOWOUT PREVENTER? How are you
managing your energy? Is your physical equipment in good shape? Is
your energetic battery fully charged and ready to go at all times? Is
all your mental/emotional wiring up-to-date and strong? Instead of
succumbing to pressure, can you allow yourself to take all the time
you need to make considered and wise choices? Are fear of loss or
fear of failure influencing your decisions? Are you approaching life
with integrity, balance, respect and an awareness of
interconnectedness? Do you have some crude Crud or pressure that
needs to be addressed and transformed? Is pressure increasing your
emotional boiling point? Feeling more explosive? Is your body giving
signals that indicate dis-harmony, dis-ease, dis-comfort?

Pay attention. Reassess. Be honest.

Take action! According to YOUR OWN KNOWING, are you getting any urges
to: do an internal physical cleanse; get more physical exercise; stop
eating certain things; start eating more wholesome foods; meditate
more often; do Yoga, Tai Chi, the 5 Rites, Chi Kung, etc.; get better
sleep; drink more water; make different friends; turn off your
computer sooner; breathe deeper; detoxify; get rid of emotional Crud;
simplify; love more. In a previous newsletter I reminded you about
BE-ing; taking time to let go of pressure is another important tool.

All of the above physically affect the containment, quality and flow
of high frequency energy; they are Personal Blowout Preventers. The
intense energies that activate change will continue to increase and to
point out weak spots: personally, globally and everything in between.
With proper preparation, periodic upgrades and CONSISTENT MAINTENANCE,
you can physically handle the pressure of shifting energies that pour
into the pipeline of your body, mind, heart, and spirit at this time.

Preparation and consistent follow-through are essential for avoiding
blowouts and for maximizing positive transformation. Listen to
yourself and take action!

Envisioning our greatest good, with love,

Generessa Rose

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