Sister Wolf not feeling well – in prayer

hello well I ended in the hospital yesterday (03/05/09) after my heart Doctor check up…. not getting enough oxygen in my brain and heart… I go back in the 11 of March, head aches getting worse. I will be put on oxygen to help me out, well folks those of you that know me I exercise a lot, but I feel so tired all the time. I’m very active keep me in prayer, only a miracle will help me pass this time, but I have been living on miracles me and the heart Doctor talked about my two death experience and how they brought me back to life, how it makes a person nervous, and how the Spirit carry’s your body after that…because it was gods will you had to die but medical ways bring you back to life. I’m tired only lord knows. but I will keep going no matter what. until the day. all of you have played a role in my life and brought great happiness to me, all I can say I lived my dreams kept my promises and I have been human and spiritual..I have shared what little I have and gave all the love I was send here to share, I have done a few Cancer fund raisers to help out a little, I seen the joy on those faces I helped. there’s plans in the near future to do one more to help me with bills, first time- I will ask for help, but I’m not the type to have asked for much in my life and only god knows its been a rough road from the beginning to my end. Grandfather use to have a saying, we all are born with a ( hard ships) if not in the beginning then it will come in the end.) we never leave this world without it.. its the first time any Doctor cried for me, I have shared my gifts of my Apache ways…with him -and told him there’s more to life then we see, and its so beautiful! with you all- I have had that special moment god gave us. was it your sharing, your music, your books, your smile, laughter, a dinner, a gift, a hug, a prayer, you all treated me right that moment. many of you are very well known, once my Apache Grandmother told me Little Butterfly –Polomita you have so many dreams for a little poor Indian girl- how will you shine as a star with the well known, I use to say because God has promised me a star in the heaven sky. I came to make a difference.and I knew with my gift I could create… thought form,,,, I will be in and out of hospital and get more Doctor care. my heart Dr knows I have the right to die will, but he said he will try his best to help me around a little bit longer.. just letting you know my health has taken a dive down. but you know Iam happy and loved and I have some great Angels looking after me. This past year I lost many well loved friends and they didn’t even let me know they were sick, I promised my self that I would be different because I had to say thank you…. love you all pray for me. more as my health approves or ends. I will be in Dulce, NM UFO event with Norio and others, and I will be selling my books, art and jewelry and other donated items. check it out March 28-29 09

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  1. I saw the link to your page on Lesley’s The Debris Field; please know I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers and intents…

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