Sister Wolf Speaks – The May Dowser Meeting

It was a two hour special by Sister Wolf, the event was filmed, 76 people attended.
Gary was real happy with the attendance to this event.
Many drove from other towns, we had one Hopi medicine man and his wife there and a Navajo medicine woman from Arizona.
and other Native American Indians prsent.
Sister Wolf started by telling the crowd about her Apache ways and Spanish ways and how she balances her life to two cultures.
storytelling- UFO’s sightings. legend story’s- and predictions of the future by her Apache Grandmother in the 1960’s.
How a black man would be our first Black President of USA. and good changes would come.
loss of homes, jobs, crime the highest it would ever be. Marriage between two men and two women.
the end of child birth, the end as we know it, end of church’s, and many cities destroyed. and starvation.
and Spirituality would be part of the new world, and beginning of a good life with God.
the respect to the earth, plants, animals, and human life would be our new world to come.
Miracle healers would rise. and at a wave of their hand would cure people.
Wolf>I’m not a seer as grandmother was. I respect those who are.
attending the event were a few Psychics who said they seen the bright aura lights around Sister Wolf.
One well known one Psychic Nancy Wallace from Chicago who moved to Las Lunas, New Mexico in April. to built a school for gifted children.
Nancy attended and she said: there was a beautiful surrounding lights around Sister wolf and on top of her head almost pink. she seen
Two Indian Elders stood by her, one a grandmother and a chief grandfather . who Wolf said were her grandparents,
Another woman said; there was a little girl dancing around Wolf and from behind she floated to top of her head and blessed her, and a alien like man -bald headed- by one side, they were Sister Wolf’s guides Rod and My baby Angel Heidi… Rod has been appearing to Wolf since her contact with a UFO in 1948. she is a UFO contactee….
also others claimed the aura around Wolf was very bright and colorful.
A Hopi man claimed that when Wolf moved her arms—
there was white feathers of an Eagle in Vision, (his vision darning the prayer blessing.)
he thought a White Eagle was going to appear.
White Eagles have appeared to people who are Shamans by gift.
It was a great event for those that came and enjoyed the old legend stories told.

photos of Wolf .. Storyteller- author-artist- Shaman by gift Apache/Spanish profile- priscilla wolf Memphis, Tennessee event of sister wolf June -13-09 at Mufon
Priscilla Wolf will be guest at UFO investigator and Editor of of Tennessee. in June-09.

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