Some more Barry -Is it all true? Part 8.

As I stated in last week’s Part 7-(Part 1)- Barry, this guy has had some amazingly strange, but I believe true, experiences in the world of the paranormal.

So let’s talk about his most famous and in my opinion, most profound experience of all. It occurred at an AFB he was working on as a Military Air Traffic Controller. I believe the base was in the panhandle of Florida. One day that started out quite normal ended very abnormal. There were about 5 controllers in the tower and one got very excited and said, what the hell is following that cargo plane?which was about 10 miles from the base, so they all gathered around the radar to figure it out. The radar showed an object flying only a few feet behind the plane, almost touching it. They contacted the plane to see if the pilots could see it, but it was too close to the rear of the plane to be seen.

As you may know a cargo plane isn’t the fastest plane in a fleet, so it takes about four minutes to cover the 10 miles and start its approach to the base with something in tow. As the plane came close everyone ran out to the observation deck to checkout the plane and the mysterious object on its tail.

And there it was–a silver disk about 30 ft. across with the sunlight sparkling across its dome. Someone shouted, “My God, it’s a saucer, a flying saucer! The plane continued its approach towards the runway, but the object took a sharp right and stopped over the control tower. It hovered there motionless, for what seemed like half an hour, but Barry said it probably was only about 5 minutes. The controllers could not take their eyes off of it. Soon there were about 15 airmen on the deck staring at this object. The object was less than 100 ft from the observers. Then suddenly it was gone; it blinked out.

No one out of the 15 observers said a word to each other; they just went back to work. Twenty minutes later the 15 men were gathered in a conference to be debriefed. They were read the riot act and were told to never repeat the event to anyone outside of the group; it was against military code and it was top secret.

Strangely, even years after retirement, they still never spoke of the event, but they all remained very close to each other, even though none were that close before the event.
I have heard over and over that group witnesses become wired/or networked together in their minds and stay close in a relationship for many years and normally never know why. They would play cards together or go to a sporting event but never speak of the flying saucer. My research has shown an encounter within 300 ft of the object probably means an abduction and in this case a mass abduction and a mind wire.

Next week even more “Barry” your way.

Enjoy…… life is short.



Airplane and UFO – together again.

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