Some more, more Barry # 3 -Is it all true– the series- Part 9

This is my final chapter on my friend Barry, the AF air traffic controller, and the subject of my last two Saturday afternoon posts. Barry, myself and another friend of mine named Tom had the privilege to visit an incredible piece of country about 5 miles west of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Barry owned this property. It was an area of rolling hills in the middle of a forest of huge magnolias. There was no house or cabin there yet, so we camped. Tom was a non- believer of UFOs and alien things, but his world was about to change. I had bought along my trusty million-watt spotlight to bring in alien ships and Tom just laughed. Barry and I laughed at Tom. Things started slow, as I blinked up into the crystal clear and crisp sky above the Blue Ridge Mountains. Then Barry pointed out a light moving rapidly from the south; Tom shouted nervously that it was only a plane, but to his disbelief it suddenly stopped, hovered and came in closer and brighter. I started a series of protocol I learned from the Steven Greer group. And whatever it was (a UFO) returned the same series of blinks for about 10 minutes then it blinked out and reappeared on the left side of the horizon, shot straight up and was gone. Tom was a little shocked, but he was alive. We played with the ships until about 1 AM, and we all were very tired. All three of us had some pretty incredible dreams that night. Anything can happen when you’re with Barry. Tom still talks about his baptism into our crazy world of the unknown, which was now nearly 30 years ago.

The last Barry story takes place in Roswell New Mexico, the Holy Grail event of the UFO world, at least according to some of the amateurs. Two of Barry’s very close military friends were witnesses to this event. One named Bill was an aerodynamics expert from California who was awaken from a deep sleep and was told he had 10 minutes to get ready for at least a week away from home. At about the same time Ray a forensic specialist (burned bodies expert) was hustled from his Army base in Colorado. Forty+ years later on Bill’s deathbed Barry heard part of the story. Forty years earlier, Bill was taken to a small town in New Mexico and in a small but heavily secured military base hangar he observed, categorized, and touched metals and parts of a burned out ship, which had amazing properties. There was writing on the metal in some type of foreign symbols. Bill was told that the ship came down because we were experimenting with a new radar system. Two years later when Ray was dying of cancer, he told Barry he was taken to the same hangar and on the far south side of that hangar four small burned bodies under silver blankets were being held. He had never seen bodies like those before and even though they were badly burned, he easily declared them to be non-human.

You know I miss old Barry; I have not talked to him for about 10 years. He had some amazing experiences and probably more every day.

Enjoy, life is short, but always remember – never worry our government is watching over us.



Grandfather MT. Aliens love it.

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