Star Story by Sister Wolf, She Speaks

Growing up I was very quiet comparing to today, I was taken by the sights of the Stars- in the Sky.

Grandpa use to say; They gave little butterfly 25 cents and when it got to a dollar she never quit talking -thats the Spanish in me. Because Native Americans are very quiet people.

Its ok because I can spread my wings in all directions.

Shooting Stars have always been my favorite- you can make a wish they say and it will come true. I would make my wish and kept it locked in my heart – where only I knew what my wish was. I use to ask my grandmother ? why so many stars? Oh! thats Heaven you see. Those are all the people that served the Creator right. I wanted to be one of those shinny Stars who served the Creator right someday…. In many cultures shooting stars that light up the night sky, are associated with the spirits of the dead. Native Americans believe that stars are the souls of the dead and when one falls a soul is about to reborn—-

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