Stone Connection By Mary Muñoz © February 15, 2009

I would like to share this week an interesting experience I had with a particular stone I had purchased from a small shop close the University of New Mexico.
Once I had accepted that my past beliefs, which were based on a fundamentalist Christian view, were not the final answer to all things, and was not completely written in stone, though some of them were, I found out that there were other possibilities in this plane of reality. It was then and only then, that I began to seek more truth or experience through other avenues of understanding.
It was at this point that I began to experiment with using stone energy to bring forward other experiences, including but not limited to protecting, healing, and anything else I thought would be of need in my life at that moment in time. I also wanted to heal the body’s energy field from the damaging effects of the environment we live in. Then again I also wanted to know if they really worked and I since other avenues I had ventured through had limited success in protecting me from what was happening it couldn’t hurt.
This is when I had heard about Moldavite. This stone is supposed to have a connective force with the ET’s and I was interested in understanding what the ET involvement in my l life meant, so what better way to find out? Anyone who has gone through this will understand that they leave only glimpses of memory and/or some physical marks of their presence that night. With that I was bent on finding out more about why they were in my life. I already knew of the family connection, but was there more? And if this stone gave me the connection then why not. I wanted to remember and understand what this was all about.
With that I had for several months been visiting a crystal shop. One day while I was there I noticed a Moldavite stone that was in the shape of ET head. Upon lifting it up to the light swore there was a presence residing in it. I put money down on it knowing that I would have it the next week.
The proprietor of the establishment was herself into the ET phenomena and was extremely interested in the stone. She was surprised that she had never noticed the connection. It had been in her shop for about a year and she had never realized its uniqueness. This is another fact of stones; they call to you when it is time. Some of us can look at a stone for months or years and never find a connection to them, and then one day it is there. This was a Friday…
…Monday came around and I picked up the stone; earlier than expected. I was so fascinated with it and wanted to know if it really would open up a connection between them and me.
That night I went to sleep with the stone under my pillow really not expecting anything, but underneath hoping something would occur. Then most amazing experience happened, as I lay in bed I begin to smell something. It was as if I was lying in a field of the most amazing flower essence ever. It was peaceful and beautiful. There were no other explanations to what was happening. I knew there were other presences around me, I just couldn’t wake up. Some could have said it was all in a dream, but I had the black light to show me in the morning that it was in fact not. Remember the UV black light will show the marks they leave, and I had plenty.
Excited about what happened I thought this was a break through. I remembered them coming, and with that I would then continue my search through the use of this stone for their presence, but regretfully it would not come or I would not remember. I still have the stone in my room sitting with many others I have collected over the years. I still wait, but it comes down to this, “Will it ever happen again?” And if so, “Will I ever know the answers I am looking for?” I don’t know…one can only hope, wait, and see.

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