Story -Carmen and the Devil by Sister Wolf‏

As told by a uncle;

Carmen and the Devil

One after noon, Don Juan passed Carmen, who was walking hurriedly, on his way to the tavern.

Carmen! he hollered, Why are you in such a hurry? Today I plan to dance with the Devil if he asks me to! she responded! Carmen arrived at the tavern before Don Juan and sat close to the band. She watched all the girls enter with their boyfriends. Soon everyone was dancing except Carmen.

Suddenly a good looking man walked up to Carmen and sat next to her. Can I order you a drink? he asked her. After they both watched everyone dance, (clear the floor, he yelled! )

This song is meant for me and Carmen. Everyone looked at the couple and made some remarks. Carmen heard their laughter but she saw zealousy on their faces. They danced and danced, until mid- night. When the dance was over the Devil walked Carmen out side, now I have to go he told her, Im the Devil! Oh! No! she said; I don’t care if you are the Devil take me with you. I”m sure it will be a lot of fun. So The devil took her to hell, when they got to the gate, the gate keeper told him ” whats this?” The Devil replied; I was walking on earth and seen Carmen tell Don Juan tonight -she was going to dance with the Devil. So I stuck around and danced with her.

I told her I was the Devil and she hanged on to me, so here we are. You must take her back. so he did. He ended in a sheep herding camp, their they found a lonely sheepherder, who said he would take care of the Devil’s sister- until his return. But he never came back, as the gate keeper and the Devil watched from hell. The sheepherder got tired of Carmen. So one day he rubbed himself against dirty wet sheep and smelled real bad. Carmen couldn’t stand the smell so she went home. The gate keeper told the Devil why didn’t you think of that?

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