Synchronicity – our Compass we love to Ignore– Is it all True Series #215

One of my favorite subjects is the event called Synchronicity. I believe everyone has experienced Synchronicity probably more than once in their lifetime actually probably several times every week of our lives. But most people say 95% of the world does not pay attention to this confirming event.

So what does it confirm? It may confirm one of two things or maybe both. One possible confirmation is there is an energy/entity that is sending us signals to look or move in a particular direction with our lives. Strangely, we have a choice to look and try to understand and if we decide to follow its lead, most choose not to follow. Second possible confirmation in understanding of this phenomenon is that as powerful human entities we create these synchronicities in some separate department of our unconsciousness. This department is an independent area of the mind; this department lacks the direct ability to over-ride the left-brain (the master decider). However, if the left-brain is forced to pay attention, if only for a minute or two, it can become intoxicated by the possibilities its suddenly sees in the synchronicity. It actually becomes easier as time and more synchronicities land on our journey’s path. After awhile we humans can quickly distinguish between a coincidence and a true synchronicity.

I have had many synchronicities in my life, many major direction changes. I have found that if you follow these strange events they move you on to your goals and life’s purpose much quicker with fewer bumps in the road. So why do 95% of the people in the world igore these events when they are sure to be a major help guiding them on the right path. I believe fear is the number one reason, fear of the unknown, fear that the sender of this synchronicity is from a dark source leading you down the wrong dangerous path.

We may never know where synchronicities come from. But I know the quicker we, on a personal level, pay attention to this event, the quicker we can benefit from the directions the Compass of the Universe is trying to give us.

Sleep Tight – For when you awaken synchronicity will be waiting to intoxicate you into a new direction- embrace it, life is short.


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  1. Thaks you for your insights as I affirm what you have said to be true in so many instances in my life….omniflunkus

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