Thanksgiving with our Alien Brothers- "V" Style ?

For many years I have asked the Cosmos (normally this time of the year), when are they ( our interdimensional beings ) going to ask us over for a nice Thanksgiving dinner, since I feel confident in saying that we were the invading group in their realm, very much like those Pilgrim guys.

I would hope at this grand dinner we could have roast exotic fowl, and vegetables and fruits with colors and smells which have never graced our senses and desserts , that move us to cosmic orgasms.

I think we humans deserve this feast for we have been very patient with these beings.They have abducting thousands of us and not even a piece of pumpkin pie.

Well this year my expectations are high. I expect over Albuquerque a huge ” V” like mother ship loaded with goodies. And the whole city is invited. Send down your transport shuttle and carry us up in family groups to your big feast hall., so large as to hold 600K folks. And you know anything would really work for dinner except for one thing -Not Us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and especially my friends who love to play in the World of UFOs , “ETC”.



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