The Actress and Them Part 2 of 2- Is it all True Series #23

This is a continuation of last Saturday’s post–Sarah was a beautiful model and actress from Kennesaw, GA. She lived very close to Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. Many times in her teens she would remember dozens of black unmarked helicopters hovering near or over her house. Were these black helicopter sightings connected to her younger sister, Barbara? Barbara would have very lucid dreams of traveling on alien scout ships as she called them. The ships would fly at high speeds and map the surface of the earth. Grays mostly occupied them, and they told her the mappings were to make the upcoming mission a success, in late 2011 (twenty-one years later). They never told her more but Barbara seemed to enjoy the trips; she was 11 years old at the time.

Sarah developed an amazing ability to have OBEs (out of body experiences) on command. She said she learned it from an old woman she met in the woods in the National Battlefield Park across from her childhood home. This old woman was dressed in a black hood with long pure white hair, barely 4′ 10″ tall, and she had cold steel blue eyes, which could pierce your soul. She spoke like a little girl in a soft delicate voice. Sarah called her the witch-angel. On one meeting the old woman told Sarah to lie on her back on the grass, close her eyes and imagine a blue triangle – with the base hovering three feet from the ground and another triangle positioned the opposite point to the ground – in a perfect overlap. Next the witch-angel told Sarah to rotate one triangle in a particular direction and the other triangle in the opposite at a constant speed. (And please don’t try this at home you may disappear). Sarah immediately could see her body lying in the grass as she floated above the park. She said it was the greatest feeling ever. But she quickly lost focus and returned to her grounded body, and the little old woman was gone. She rushed home to tell Barbara her experience only to find out Barbara already had her schooling a year before with the wise old witch-angel. Sarah and Barbara had several other sessions with the wise-old-one where they developed certain ESP abilities. The little old woman told the sisters they were now ready to awaken others to the future. They never saw the hooded woman again.

One last thing about Barbara and Sarah–many late nights they would sit in their bedroom on the second floor and look towards the National Battlefield Park and they would see hundreds of blue lights moving quickly into and out of a particular section of the park. And the last thing Sarah told me was that an underground base existed in Kennesaw Mountain.

Sleep tight – the world will be there tomorrow. – Well maybe.



The underground Base – Kennesaw Ga.?

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