The Adventures of Diane – over New Mexico

This weekend I am revisited by the craft that sits on my house, I hear it land and feel it. I also was day dreaming and saw several of them all different types, shapes and colors-gold, silver, blue, silver white, blue black, flying very low around here. I then saw that I was on a mountain region, beautiful area tall pine trees large meadow, I walked to the meadow with only a long cloak on, as I arrived to a center point i then dropped the cape and shape shifted into a very large white bird and flew around this area, it was all around south central New MExico, I saw serentity and felt peace, i flew back to my “home’ in the mountain, became me again placed the cloak on and then walked back into my home. I can still recall what I saw as I flew and how the wind felt on my face and eyes.

Abundant Blessings,

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