The Ahau Chronicles #16 and a Jim Turner Comment

Happy Ahau Day!

This newsletter is the first in a series that will lead up to a profound revelation at the end of this current tun on January 3, 2011, the date 12 Ahau 13 Kankin ( I have been withholding many of my greatest discoveries in order to prepare my readers with the proper material that will allow them to understand the elegant solutions to the mysteries of the Maya. I have often told myself: “Fear not time, it has been granted”. But with my 40th birthday looming large on Monday, the ill-fated period of retrograde Jupiter ending on November 18th, and the approach of 2011, I feel it is time to uncover some of the secrets I have been guarding until now. For some additional reading I highly recommend Chris Powell’s PhD dissertation that I mention in this newsletter.



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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 16

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