The Ahau Chronicles Volume 24– From Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

This newsletter brings together many strands of evidence from previous volumes into a grand interpretation of the meaning of the Age of Aquarius. Though the reading seems epic in scope it is supported by the evidence and emanates a grandeur of proportion that is appropriate for the occasion. The challenge is to open your eyes wide enough see it.

For those readers who have also checked out my YouTube channel, ApocalypseIsland2012, you will find a new video of my good friend Pedro Niada recounting his harrowing escape from the February 2010 tsunami which destroyed much of the village on Robinson Crusoe Island. I spoke with Pedro last week and he told me they have started to rebuild on the site of his old hostel. See the photos of the reconstruction on the “2010 Tsunami” page of my website. Bravo Pedro and best of luck!


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JimThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 24

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