The Ahau Chronicles Volume 33— From Jim Turner

Today is Columbus Day here in the US, a national holiday. However, many archeologists recognize the arrival of Columbus in the “New World” as the beginning of the end of the brilliant Native American cultures that would be all but destroyed in the following centuries. So if you have some leisue time today because of the holiday, give some thought to just exactly what it is you are celebrating. I myself will be working.

This newsletter revisits the recent Chilean Air Force plane crash on Robinson Crusoe Island, a topic which has haunted my dreams of late. Though it has faded even from the headlines of TVN, the Chilean network that lost a five-person film crew in the crash, there are many questions still unanswered.This newsletter sugests a potentially brilliant solution to the lingering mysteries surrounding the crash.

My thoughts are with those who were lost.

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 33Happy Ahau Day!

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