The Ahau Chronicles Volume 38 — Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

The Russian satellite that was the subject of our last newsletter has come crashing down off the coast of Chile, reportedly a thousand miles south of the island, although eyewitness reports are lacking. For whatever reason, while I was writing the last newsletter I felt fairly confident that this would be the case. Perhaps it is the composition of the upper atmosphere over the South Pacific that creates sufficient drag to pull these decrepit machines out of orbit.

For my readers in Chile, I have been told that my headlining chapter of the 12-part series “En la Ruta al 2012” will be airing soon on MEGAVision.

This newsletter discusses the amazing Maya exhibit that I recently attended in Toronto. For anyone within a day’s drive I highly recommend it. Rarely are so many masterpieces gathered in one place.



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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 38

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