The Ahau Chronicles Volume 45— Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

As I sit here in the warm Hawaiian night, with the nearly full moon in an insultingly clear sky above and my ruined rental car down below, I am relishing my quixotic Transit of Venus experience that has only recently concluded. With but fleeting glimpses of diminutive Venus to reward my honorable efforts, it was nonetheless an incredible experience.

The magical transit occurred on the sacred Ahau day, signalling exactly 200 days to the end of the Mayan calendar. There are now only 160 days until the Total Solar Eclipse which I intend to witness from the island monument off the coast of Chile. Please understand that you too are invited to participate and dream your way into a fabulous new World Age.



PS I would be more than happy to hear from anyone who experienced any of the cosmic events discussed in this newsletter. Photos are especially appreciated. Mahalo!

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 45

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