The Antarctic Treaty– Why it hides our Largest UFO Base.–Is it all true series # 196

I was finishing Hank Worbetz’s book, “A UFO Investigator’s Report,” and was quite interested in the section that talked about the UFO base in Antarctica. Over the years there have been hundreds of sightings in and around the Antarctic region. Considering there aren’t many people to see them in the area, that is a huge number. If that would happen in and around New York City, that would be equal to hundreds of thousands of sightings.
So something very strange is going on in the Antarctic. There were many rumors at the end of WWII that the Nazis had established a base in the Antarctic and maybe something more strange, like a co-base with some non-human group.
So if we go back to the late 1800’s when Admiral Byrd explored Antarctica, he hinted to the world press that there were considerable concerns in the Antarctic region. This was the first clue that something was going on down there. Then there were the numerous sightings from transport freight ships, which travel on the edges of the Antarctic waters. Here is the big reason why many believe there is a non-human base there, an unusual treaty was signed in the early 50’s making the USA the soul policeman of the Antarctic, controlling all the ins and outs of the region. Basically the US has locked down the whole Antarctic. As Hank said in his book, the US is the “depository government” for Antarctica, stating that no one or any country can use the region for anything that is not fully approved by our government.
So I believe the US government are the protectorate for a non-human group based in the Antarctic. We made some kind of a deal with this group. Like the abduction deal, it was probably a trade for technology. Although maybe it was a threat that the world had to comply with the wishes of this non-human intelligence and provide them with a sanctuary and let them do as they pleased. According to some in the UFO community these beings have co-inhabited this earth with us. So I guess they (non-humans) deserve a place to hang out. Besides this base in Antarctica, there are numerous others under the ground and the oceans throughout the world. Chances are this Antarctica base is huge, like another world in itself.
Now personally I have no problem with this arrangement as long as they are not doing bad stuff to the human population, but many believe they are not all good guys.
Sleeps tight –unless you were planning a trip to Antarctica tomorrow.

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