The BigFoot Question – Why???

Mr Big It has been asked a thousand times , why haven’t we found a body or why hasn’t a madman shot one? I used to ask the same question and then I met Kewaunee Lapseritis (check out his page on this site ) . After his many years of research he shared with me some of his BF knowledge . According to Mr. K ,Sasquatch are very much an inter-dimensional group of beings. They move between worlds very easily . Mr. K told me a story from a reliable source (a bear hunter) that he came across what he thought was a bear (but not) bending over a stream and looking at something. The BF (as the hunter discovered later) was distracted by a fish or something in the water. The hunter shot the creature and it started running and it faded into thin air in a manner of less than 30 seconds . Also its footprint impact on the ground became (muddy river bed) lighter and lighter. Per Mr K, BFs can communicate telepathically with each other at long distances (they don’t need cell towers ), thus watching each others’ backs. Also interesting, they use and work with other animals . Like maybe an eagle is flying high in the sky and communicates (telepathically ) with a BF if any danger is near.
Bottom line, we will have to get to the a higher level of intelligence and other abilities before we can play in the sandbox with Bigfoot/Sasquatch . Presently it is his sandbox.
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