The Blue Basin, Dream Central or Reality Control? Part 2 -Is it all True Series #115

Last week I started (12/26/09 posting) to relate a dream sequence about a place called The Blue Basin. This beautiful, mostly underground facility, housed a control center, which was run by a group of entities including humans who managed all the energies of the Universe.

Another surprise in this huge facility was their enormous nursery of hybrid babies, a mix of all types of combinations and some were human. Some of these beings were from very advanced civilizations and from different dimensional planes. This nursery was the big delight of the whole facility. It was considered a great privilege to be able to see and be with these hybrids.

The babies that were part human garnered the most interest because they were the only ones that cried. Crying is a sign of feeling alone. For most of the non-human civilizations of the Universe there is a very strong connection to each other being, a sort of a hive network, a Universal mind, you never feel alone. We (humans) are quite different in our emotional make-up. Our independence as an entity makes us at times alone in our conscious world.

Non-humans have a constant telepathic connected to the group all day and all night. Crying is unique to the human world. Human babies need the matrix touch to satisfy the loneliness they feel. It is almost like the non-human beings long for the feeling behind the crying. There is a widespread feeling that it is a great honor for the group in The Blue Basin to love the hybrid children.

There was a group of Hybrids called the Sheylla, part human – part other, They had big heads, fine hair on their skin surface. These Golden Children as they were called were not particularly beautiful by human standards but they could cry and it was like music to the ears of the beings in The Blue Basin.

I will keep the world informed of any more dreams –encounters my friend has with The Blue Basin. I believe this is a real place; I have in the past-heard similar stories from other sources during my past 40+ years of interviews.

Sleep Tight – honor our human children for they are special to the Universe.


a child - a special child

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