“The Board”: an instrument into the Otherworld or vehicle to the Void? – Part 1 Is it all True Series #143

Sometimes on a Friday night as I get ready to write an article on something UFO/Paranormal I have a bit of an old brain fart. But luckily that doesn’t last long, for I ask the cosmos for some direction and it has me push random words into the Google search bar. And guess what, interesting stuff comes up and it awakens my frozen neurons. This week is the favorite big mystery item called “the board” – the Ouija or the Ouija board – whatever you like to call it.

First a little “board” history. It was born surprising here in the USA, not in some dark castle in old Europe. In the 1870’s a carpenter named E.C. Reich built the first wooden “board”. But I believe its first conceptional appearance could have been back as far as the early Egyptians. Then around and about 1886, E.C. sold his concept and his board to two guys named Kennard and Maupin and they started marketing the Ouija. Next a Mr. Bill Fuld bought the business and he and his brother made lots of money over the next 35 years with their Ouija board business. Interestingly, Fuld may have committed suicide at the age of 57. The board, or a jealous close relative? Only the “board” knows. Then in 1942 the Fuld family sold the board to the game giant Parker Brothers who still own the rights.

So over the last 140 years people all over the world have been playing with this vehicle.
And I believe 90% of the time no harm comes to the participants. Now the 10%, which many would debate is a very high number, but I say yes, it is one of the dangers; a 10% chance of getting your mind screwed into another world with no way back is something to note. So the more you play it, the more the roulette wheel turns and the closer to the void you come. Another issue is it is quite addictive, the thrill of the unknown and the possible glimpse of a spirit will keep you coming back.

So what is happening here? Well I believe several things: one, as we play with the board we ask questions of the entities who lie normally at a safe distance from us in their world plane. By asking questions we are inviting them in to our world and they love to visit. That would not be so bad but they like to take bits of stuff back with them. Some of the stuff they take are memories from the most vulnerable players of the game. And who are the most vulnerable ones? They are the ones with the most fear in their hearts and minds.
Also a law between worlds is that you must balance out the worlds and leave something behind in the world you take from. So normal human memories are taken and replaced by non-human thoughts. I’m talking about looking into the void, a very dark void at that.

People whose minds are filled with fear are in danger of losing a bit of their sanity if they play with the board – “ the Board will play you.”

Next week I will continue with more on “the Board” from my personal experiences and those of other reliable sources.

And here I am telling you about the dangers of “the board” as I get ready to go into the other world through vortex photography on a trip east of Albuquerque high in the mountains.

Sleep tight and remember – no fear will make you even with the board.


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