“The Board”: an instrument into the Otherworld or vehicle to the Void? – Part 2 Is it all True Series #144

Well I did make it back from the void – the world of the Vortex – in the mountains East of Albuquerque. (Now you will have to read Part 1 to get it.)

When I was about 10 or 11 my little buddies and I got a hold of an old Ouija board – the most dangerous kind – a lot of strange past energies had flowed through it. Of course we kids hardly knew what it was; we were totally innocent of the ways of the “board”. That is what probably saved us – we just had no fear, and fear is the vehicle evil entities use to draw you in and take what they want. We played several times and we definitely seemed to be communicating with something – strange feelings of hot and cold ran through our bodies. And what little body hair we had stood straight up. I now feel the beings we were dealing with meant us no harm – we were lucky. The other ones would have created fear sooner or later and our innocence in this world would have ended. We were also lucky to escape a worse fate – one of my friend’s sister’s friends had (at least we were told) a mental breakdown after she used an Ouija by herself. If you have to play or try it (like a curiosity) never do it alone as the danger will be focused on just you. And you would probably be no match for the otherworldly entities.

I lived in Tucson for several years and I met a guy I referred to as the Old Hippie. He was a smart guy, who had a very wonderful and smart wife. Both of them were very curious about everything in the world including drugs and the “board”. Well he seemed to not have a problem with it (Ouija), but over time she became withdrawn and depressed. My Hippie friend told me a few years later that she told him the board had come to her (a dream) and showed her something that terrified her, nearly putting her into shock. She was never the same, and no therapy seemed to help her.

And then there was the famous and strange group called the Gulf Breeze 6. I lived in Atlanta when it happened and I was lucky to get a close relative to talk in front of our UFO group about his brother’s experience – a one Vance Davis. This information back in the early 90’s was to say the least mind blowing. Six military personnel from an intelligence unit started playing with an Ouija board. This one event rushed the military into a massive search for these six deserters who had gotten channeled information through the “board”. The Board predicted events that came true and freaked out the military, because the military probably started the whole thing through some powerful mind control methods. And adding the “board” intensified the deserters’ psychic abilities to the horror of the military and the NSA. There is much more to this story – but another time.

Note: the Ouija is not just a board – but also a vehicle to travel to the beyond, which needs only to be used by a few who can totally protect their minds and souls.

Sleep tight – The Jesus Gene is what makes us interesting to those other worlds.


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