The Coming Trauma – Now and then can EFT be the Cure?-Is it all True Series #28

In last week’s 04/19/08 Posting, I spoke of an amazing event, that is supposed to occur in December 2012, which could reverse an ancient trauma to humankind. Let’s talk about something that can help you now with many concerns in our daily life.

Some of you may know of this amazing technique called EFT (Emotional-Freedom- Techniques). These techniques have been developed from the knowledge of Gary Craig and Roger Callahan.

There have been major successes with these techniques in areas of the world (Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, and some Africa countries) where major atrocities/genocide have occurred including, murder and rape done in front of other family members.

These techniques, for the most part, are simple and take less than a minute to complete. Simply stated, these techniques re-wire the brain by moving the focus between the right and left spheres, clearing the mind set. This forces the mind to free itself from the impact and the emotion of the traumatic event. This method works on addictions, phobias, stress, anxiety, trauma and much more. Here is a list of the steps that have worked well in my life.
1. First visualize the issue, say it out loud and rate it from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning a minimal issue and 10 meaning a severe issue in your life.
2. Using index and middle finger about an inch below your eye, on either side- tap about ten times.
3. Next tap with the same two fingers below your collarbone – again 10 times
4. Now ten taps on the side of the hand (like a karate chop)
5. Next ten taps on the back of the hand
6. Next eye rotations- three times slowly to the right and than three slowly to the left.
7. Hum a tune (any tune) for 10 to 15 seconds
8. Lastly count backwards from 10 to 1

You are finished and well on your way to feeling better about your life and its many issues.

These steps are a very simple but an effective tapping method, and there are many other excellent resources on the subject. One book I recommend is “Energy Psychology Interactive” by David Feinstein Ph.D.

Also enjoy the following You Tube video on EFT.


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