The Earthseeker Beings and our Extinction –Is it all True Series #33

Out in the universe there are a group of beings that I call Earth Seekers. They are looking for planets that fit the perfect combination of water, light, temperature, and suitable gases etc. to sustain life for biological entities, like us and them, to live and thrive. I believe they are presently out there, looking for our replacement home.

Are we humans in our 11th hour? There are too many of us using too many resources too fast. Here are a few facts–there are 6.4 billion people here, 50 to 55 thousand species are killed off each year, many as a direct result of mankind. All our eco-systems are declining. We have lost the carry capacity of the earth. We, Americans live in a consumer democracy and because of our desire to have more; we have promoted this serious environmental decline. Now other countries want to join in on this madness, such as population giants India and China.

The 200 plus years of the industrial revolution was the beginning of the end; man unknowingly started the CO2 nightmare. 600,000 years ago the CO2 levels were 250ppm
but they are close to 400ppm now. Of course some will argue the earth goes through CO2 cycles on its own, which is probably true. But for the past 100 years, the CO2 levels have been increasing at unnatural levels. Many scientists are saying the tipping point is near a mere 4 or 5 years away. Critical limits are being reached and for the most part 90% of our world’s population is disengaged – disconnected from our planet’s needs.

Our hour, our minute, our microsecond has come. Can we disengage from our Consumer Titanic before we head into our mass extinction?

So lets go back to the Earth Seekers- will they try to save us from ourselves? No, they will not save us. We have the choice; we make our destiny as humans. But I do believe that they will not let us destroy this precious earth – the Blue Beauty as they call it.
They have seen similar things happen to Mars and maybe Venus, and they have learned. They will probably take our DNA and maybe few of the good folks (abductees?) and move them to another similar planet system. Will they quickly eliminate the balance of humans, to save the other species here? It is very possible. Remember 2012 is coming.

There is always the hope that we will wake up in time, and do the right thing. But time is very short and this is truly our greatest challenge – the prevention of our extinction.

At this point let me recommend an amazing and beautiful documentary. Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The 11th Hour” which was made with the intellect of leading scientists, a brain trust of Hope for us all



Earth-Seekers ?????

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