The Evil Hand, Storyteller Max was from Arizona, who had moved to Sanford, Colorado…

He seldom ever came to visit us unless it had to do with church business. Grandparents were very religious Catholic people. I was raised Catholic, and I had curiosity for other faiths. Grandmother called me a seeker. Max joined grandfather and other man for storytelling that Friday night. He was a very skeptic man,but he enjoyed a good story. Once he said; I heard a legend story about the Evil Hand, it was about a legend story about a card player in a small cantina in Arizona. Many claimed the deck of cards were cursed as they played. John and his brother Donald, Al and Big John, played the game that night, it was told Al was drunk before the night was over, The cantina was full and noisy and the piano music was loud. Al kept ordering drinks and at 12:00 pm he noticed the place was very quiet. He looked around-What! whats going on? as he struggled to his feet, he got up from his chair knocking it over. He moved quickly out the door. walking into the empty street. Suddenly he felt a blow on his head.( as he vanished) They claim Al still walks the street never finding a person in sight. Years later John vanished leaving the Cantina after a card game, time took Big John and Donald.One hundred years later all four men were found. The town doctor checked their bodies, to his surprise they had been dead one hundred years yet the bodies were warm but dead,

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