The Exterior Invasions -Dreams and Parallel Universes-Is it all True Series #31

One night when I was a kid driving to my grandparents’ lake cottage, I looked out the back window of my dad’s car and saw many strange lights swirling in the dark rural night. Even at 7 years old, I knew they were not planes because they moved in erratic ways.

At least three times in my life I’ve had dreams about that experience, but these dreams were more intense on an emotional level. In these dreams, the sky was filled with ET ships and sometimes they destroyed the world. This type of dream seems to be occurring more frequently for people around me and abductees I am in contact with. The beings of the invasion are described as reptilians and tall grays with long legs and arms. The reptilians act as savages devouring all in their paths – humans, animals and leveling all structures. The grays are more selective, battling only with our military, and doing minimum damage to our infrastructure. They are here only to enslave our population and use our world. The reptilians are bent on our total destruction creating an amazing volume of emotional energy, which they consume as their interior fuel.

Lets not panic–dreams can just be dreams and not prophecies. Though the increased frequency is a bit concerning. Also another interesting point, people who have been witnessing the 11:11 or the 111 phenomena are having these types of dreams or in some cases some very lucid mini- invasions very nearly within our reality. The 1111 folks may be visiting a parallel universe in their nightly dream world. See my 11:11 posting on January 26th 2008.

I know that world stress levels are way up. And with the possible coming cosmic nightmare (an ET invasion), the minds eye can create this reality through the quantum channel. The more we dream this dream, the more we will help create this event.

Back to my EFT posting (April 26th 2008) if more of us do these EFT techniques we can focus the quantum channel on more events of peace and prosperity for our world. We create our reality, and we are powerful beings.

Sleep tight with happy good thoughts – please.



Are these the ships of the invasion?

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