It was made apparent that many alien/MILAB abductees are unable to accept the reality of what is happening in their lives for many reasons. Many open minded or close minded abductees have turned to alcohol and/or eventually to hard drug usage for the fact of numbing and forgetting the negative experiences with such an unusual universal being (extraterrestrials) who have invaded their normal lives, thus living the horrific experiences that are caused by what these unusual beings may negatively be doing to these particular human’s bodies or their psychic. If the abductee finds he/she has no human parent, friends or spouse to share this information with or if he/she does have someone to share information with but is told this information has to be kept very secret and don’t you ever speak of it again attitude, the negative experiences eventually begins to eat away at one’s soul for the greatest fear of being labeled insane or crazy. The harsh humiliations by other humans become so unbearable. Where does trust and faith come in?

Some abductees have lived this “secret life” since childhood perhaps telling their story then to an unbelieving parent. Perhaps this child grows up finding themselves being used as a “lab rat” of sorts by the many different extraterrestrials. Suppose you are a young adult who just experienced his/her “awakening” and the memories are nothing more than negative memories of medical experiments being done to them while lying on a table and cannot move. Young women seeing babies come from their bodies, unusual looking babies. Men having sperm removed either by machine or by hybrid women who come in to have sex with the human male. Male and female alike, who are experiencing the roughness of a lizard or snake looking Reptoids performing harsh things on you? Seeing humans in tanks that hold a solution and you are able to breathe within this filled tank. Talk about experiencing holograms. I’ve heard other horrific stories such as humans kept in cages in a location that is zoo like. See humans or human body parts being cooked. Okay take these few examples and knowing you are the abductee who is having these “real life dream experiences and did nothing more than keep them inside of your consciencous mind since early childhood or at any time during this person’s life for fear of harsh public humiliation.

Apparently hundreds of humans are living the actuality of being labeled as “insane or crazy”. They are not allowed ever to speak of something so unusual happening to them, and yes they know in its truth that they are experiencing a different life making them feel so very different from other humans. Some feel perhaps they are not human at all.

Scenario: Discovering who their true and only friend is to help numb, forget. The alcohol bottle, after a while the alcohol does not take care of the hallucinations they are experiencing, so take a trip into perhaps marijuana as well, so their body gets used to the affect of this substance, travel on “let’s try crack” maybe that will help…..for awhile….then comes Meth…Oh yes, Meth. What a true friend they have found now to get by each day, not just destroying their brain but as well as their physical body. These particular humans live out in an unknown space every day in a vastness of nothing, and not having to deal with their own God given life and the experience given to them that not every human can experience. Hey, wait a minute!! What about the insane, crazy, harsh humiliation that many suffer from supremacist groups, or people who think they are better than you are and “its fun” to make fun of you situation. Wow!! Where did the self esteem go??

How easy it is for an abductee to turn to hard drugs, perhaps it is better than suicide?? One side kick though….these abductees begin to live in a most horrible terrific hallucination every day or every minute of the day that they choose to use these drugs to numb themselves out of reality.

Sorry to say, I just recently have met many of these poor souls that have chosen this route. Some have been able to realize somehow to come back to reality through finding correct help because they chose life over evil. Life has been hard for these courageous people but they have succeeded in taking charge of their lives. Many other humans who have chosen this cowardly life style to forget the reality of true experiences coming from universal entities are living their life in hell as they experience far more hellacious experiences that are not in reality. Seemingly, there is just no help for them now as their brain that beholds their life is no more……..

There is no particular city or town throughout the United States or Europe where this situation continually happens.
Before you yourself turn to hard drugs to forget, hang on a little bit more as help is on your way to guide you as you are not alone with this reality of alien/Milab abductions. Yes, we know that all extraterrestrials are not benevolent. This is the reason I’m here, together we can find you the correct help…YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you do not have to live this “Secret life” that you have been living for how long through the use of hard drugs.
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