The Group Experience – a re-wire event – of human bonding –Is it all True Series #32

One of the more interesting alien-type encounters is one that is witnessed by several humans at close range (1000 ft or less). The significance of this distance is that it is the tipping point distance where the visual encounter becomes the intimate encounter, and things get real serious.

So lets give you three examples of experiences and their impact on the observer’s reality.
First, about 27 years ago, the head of human resources for a very large fortune 500 company approached me and shared his interesting story. One weekend he and a group of non-related folks were barhopping on snowmobiles. How this works is, you go to the local rural bar and meet other snowmobilers who are up for drinking and then snowmobile to various bars in the countryside on those dark cold winter nights in northern US. (And some people think this is fun, as long as the alcohol flows.) On one of these trips between bars they passed through a golf course and suddenly lights on the ground and in the sky surrounded their group of about 22 people, and there was no noise. They remembered nothing more, but when they got to the next bar they realized an extra 1 hours and 15 minutes had passed, while the normal trip between the two different bars is usually only 10 to 15 minutes. Also several in the group felt odd and even sick to their stomachs and all of them stopped their barhopping and went home for the night. They never really talked about the experience until the next winter season, and then only to a minimal extent.

Next example–about 22 years ago I hired a retired Air Force traffic controller. As I got to know him, he told me this amazing story. He was working at a base in Florida where he was in the tower with six other controllers and a large air cargo plane was out several miles and approaching the base. One of the controllers noticed an object on the radar that was following the plane at extremely close range, within feet of the plane’s tail. It was so close the occupants of the plane could not see it. As the plane came in for it’s landing, all the controllers rushed on to the observation deck attached to the tower, to see if the radar was lying. Much to their amazement, the radar was correct – they all saw a small silver object 15 feet in diameter following right behind the plane. As the plane was landing the UFO shot straight over the men on the observation deck and hovered there for about five minutes and then vanished into thin air. After witnessing this incredible event, the men never said anything in the moment except that they had missed their lunch hour and looked puzzled, but just went back to work.

The last example is about a group of total strangers– four women take a guided trip to Peru to see the sacred sites and the beauty of that part of the world. One of their day trips took them deep into ancient caves and had a “Blue Delta”(as they called it) experience. Something happened there, each experience was profound and life path changing with missing time and visions of strange beings. They also said nothing to each other right after the event and little there after.

I believe that in all these examples these witnesses had powerful mind changing experiences that were so traumatic that their minds were temporarily and maybe permanently re-wired. They now looked at the world with infinite possibilities. They were forever bonded to the others in their group, even though none of them talked much about the event between themselves. They carry this strange powerful cosmic bond and maybe someday they will all meet around the corner and the answer will be there.

In peace and love – MWiz.


ET on a snowmobile

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