The HR Manager and his awakening- Is it all True- Series #16

I worked as the logistics director at a company in Georgia many years ago. Over a period of time I befriended this HR manager; he was a very stable guy, a real straight shooter, and was not ready for a UFO-type discussion.

In those days I was truly in the closet when it came to talking about UFO stuff with lay people. It could take several years of normal day-to-day (how’s the weather?) small talk before I would steer the conversation towards UFO phenomena, and I would only broach the subject if I felt the person was very open-minded. As you may know, the South is a Baptist stronghold, and they tend to be close-minded except for what they are pushing. Please note, like every group on earth, there are always some curious truth-seekers among them, and the Baptists were no exception. But caution was always the word of the day, if you wanted to continue your career.

I knew this HR manager for a few years, and he wasn’t a hard-core type. So I waited for an opening to talk about UFOs. It came one day after Christmas while we were talking about what gifts our children had received. Of course the typical stuff, bikes, games and Barbie dolls, but he mentioned a toy model flying saucer he gave his 7-year-old son. The son wasn’t that interested in the gift, but Jim (HR manager) was. Before Christmas Eve had passed Jim had already assembled the flying saucer model. He was proud of it, and I felt he was drawn to it.

So I asked Jim what he thought about the possibility there could be real flying saucers. He said, “Well maybe”. So I opened up and starting telling him how I had been interested in the subject ever since I was a teenager. And when I get started, it is hard to stop me, and I told him it was a serious vocation of mine, and I had interviewed hundreds of abductees and contactees over the years. His eyes got big, and he quickly changed the subject, so either he was a religious nut type or I had touched a nerve.

One day, about a month after the original flying saucer conversation and after several uneventful meetings (talking about normal business stuff), Jim shared an unusual event with me. He was about 6 years old and was watching a cartoon on TV in his room. It was late in the evening, so he kept the volume down because he was supposed to be sleeping. The cartoon was about a group of wolves hanging out talking around a fire, having a good time (and doing cartoon stuff). Suddenly little Jim heard a bunch of noise outside in his backyard and when he ran to the window to check it out, to his amazement he saw a bunch of wolves (with big eyes) warming themselves around a fire, which was in a 55 gallon drum. He couldn’t believe it, wolves that stood up? Then suddenly in an instant, the wolf “flew” to the window and Jim found himself face to face with one of the wolves and was looking into its big eyes. Jim screamed and that is all he remembered. His parents never mentioned the scream, and he never told anyone until this day. Jim was visibly shaken after he told me the story.

Jim asked me what I thought it was all about. I told him, drawing from my years of interviews with many people, that his encounter probably was with the Grays. They had the ability to shape-shift into something you (little Jim) were happy or comfortable with (such as the cartoon characters) and most likely an encounter with the Grays happened shortly thereafter. Jim was silent for the next few minutes and then he admitted he had other dreams/ contact with something over the years, and showed me a few scoop scars on his legs.

He thanked me for listening and felt somewhat better after finally being able to share these experiences with someone. We never talked about it again.

Interesting note, I was terminated from that job about 6 months later for no apparent reason.

Enjoy, and sleep tight for our government is watching over us.



Wolf in your FACE.

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