"The Hutchison effect,"– from forbiddenknowledgeTV.com

In 1979, Canadian John Hutchison claimed to have
discovered a number of unusual phenomena, while
trying to duplicate experiments done by Nikola Tesla.

He refers to several of these phenomena jointly
under the name “The Hutchison effect,” including:

– Levitation of heavy objects, a.k.a. antigravity.

– Fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and
wood, while lacking any displacement.

– The anomalous heating of metals without burning
adjacent material.

– The spontaneous fracturing of metals.

– Changes in the crystalline structure and physical
properties of metals.

– Disappearance of metal samples.

The US military was allegedly interested in Hutchison’s
discoveries but he has not been without his debunkers,
as is common with anyone claiming to have made vital
breakthroughs in energy sciences…

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