The Jim Turner Event Comes to ABQ.– Is it all True Series #234

The New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum had a great weekend, as we were very fortunate to have Jim Turner as our guest speaker. Jim has a Master’s degree in Archeology with a focus on Archeoastronomy. Jim described his wonderful Robinson Crusoe Island aka Apocalypses Island. Jim showed us that the Mayan culture was in some ways more advanced than our 2012 techno world. Jim demonstrated the interesting relationship between the Egyptians and the Mayans. The main sculpture on Apocalypses Island has a very similar face as the Sphinx in Egypt. Both these ancient cultures have used the same sliver of space-time to control and predict when important religious ceremonies should occur.

Jim Turner spoke of a Mayan calendar cycle of 5,125 years and this cycle started about 3,113 BC. The eclipse we experienced in ABQ was like a shadow portal with intensification of energy from the dual pulling of the moon and sun combination. The full annular eclipse (Moon inside the Sun) with the beautiful brilliant ring of light around the edge is amazing. The Mayans built ceremonial structures in areas that would have frequent total or annular eclipses. The power of this strange darkness fuels their wisdom and controls their daily life.

Of course Jim Turner is a believer that the end of 2012 will usher in a new age and another 5,125-year cycle, an era greeting a new time of peace and prosperity. Jim is not a doom and gloom guy; he is very upbeat about our future and he is always smiling. So the question is how did the Mayans predict our eclipse 2,000 years in advance and also how did they know about every other eclipse since 1,000 BC? The Mayans were also able predict to the minute the time and the location eclipses would happen- which is beyond amazing.

On the day of the eclipse Jim Turner and a large group gathered on a Mesa south of Albuquerque called West Belen Mesa. Our hosts on the Mesa were Debbie and Ben. Ben has developed five magnificent labyrinths, which emit sacred energy, a fitting place to hold an eclipse event. The land on this Mesa is beyond description. I compared this land to the Serengeti Plains in Africa, but without the herds of animals.

Sleep Tight—For Jim is an explorer, and he is out there trying to better understand what might be ahead for us, and he is getting his data by looking at what is behind us.

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