The little Grey Guys ( At least shorter than I )

An interesting group of fellows, they terrify some and fascinate others. Are they flesh and goo or soft metal ( organic robots )? They have been popping in and out of the scene at least since caveman days (cave drawings ). They seem to be the little helpers doing as some would say the dirty work. There are many times when other beings including humans are hanging on the sidelines. One abductee I was working with told me that in a struggle with a Grey she grabbed its eye cup ( something protecting their eyes ) and tore it off . But no normal human eye was there –just something which looked like an oscilloscope– and that action really pissed off the Grey being . For a period of about 20 years of discussions with abductees, my research roughly concluded that 5 to 10 % of the population had at least one visitation with the Grey Guys. They have been here for a long time, and the human challenge is to figure out if are they here for an evil agenda or maybe for the enhancement of a future human hybrid race.

Please read Gloria’s excellent posts on this subject from her close -in –insight .

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