The Many Faces of Dulce New Mexico– Is it all True Series # 292

indexFor the last several years, I have had a fascination with Dulce and the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. I have read some wonderful stories about the bizarre events that have occurred on this beautiful land located on the New Mexico and Colorado border. I also attended the Norio Hayakawa Dulce Base conference in March 2009. There I assisted Norio and got to better know the players in this strange game of what is up in Dulce.

There are many components that make up the Dulce Experience. First, it is on the sacred traditional territory of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, and the Archuleta Mesa is located just north of the town. This area is noted for its UFO sightings and possible underground base. When I was there for the Dulce conference, we noticed the side of the mesa area was lighting up with a glowing effect, and I took a picture of a creature animated at the opening of the mesa cave.

Then there are the cattle mutations; from the 1970’s, 80’s to today, hundreds of cattle in the area have been mutilated. The cause of these deaths is still a mystery, although some reasonable explanations have been forwarded from a group of creditable researchers, and more seen to be leaning towards a government cover-up centered around the nuclear planned explosion called Gas Buggy in 1967. Apparently the radiation caused some long-term effects on the area to humans and animals, which our government has been tracking from the late 60’s.
And it seems like from conversations in Dulce with the Jicarillas, there is also a large population of Bigfoot on their reservation, along with other inter-dimensional beings.

And of course, there is the strange rumors of the underground base, which some still believe is a mixed facility with aliens, who are doing bad stuff to humans and creating multiple species beings. But note it could just be humans doing bad thing to humans in the name of science.

Lastly, I would like to mention a new book on Dulce, named “Dulce Base” by Greg Valdez, the son of the famous base and cattle mutilation researcher Gabe Valdez. I believe it is worth the read; it gives a detailed historical look at what happened on the Jicarilla reservation and where we go from here. Greg, a law enforcement investigator, looks at the evidence to develop conclusions and truths about the many faces of Dulce.

Sleep tight, things like Dulce make life worth living and reinforces the statement, “Reality is NOT what it seems.”


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