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“We have to decide in a very simple way, what is necessary, and then settle down to the quiet process of achieving it.” Manly P. Hall
The Minogue Times—January, 2012

Happy New Year

Table of Contents:

1) Upcoming Events—Register Early
2) The No. 5 and meaning of a Five year—2012
3) How to work with the month of January
4) Questions and Answers
5) View from the Freeway
6) Trends and Forecasts
7) Ponder This
2012 Trends and Forecasts—What to Expect!

Upcoming CaliforniaWorkshops in February—See the Big Picture—–Register Now

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February 4th, Saturday
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Mission Viejo, CA (Orange County)( So. California)

February 12th, Sunday
1 pm to 4 pm
San Jose, CA (No. California)

I will be covering the big and small trends and America’s original plan to play her part in changing the world. How was it created, by whom and why?

Why must America go through her period of correction?

Race to Get to Gail’s Workshop

How was this was preordained in her great blueprint.
The December, 2012 phenomena, what is it?
The perfect order of chaos and uncertainty
The economy
The political scene
The Foreign relationships
The Scientific Breakthroughs—Get ready for huge changes
Religious shifts–the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian
Age. What does this mean? What happens to Christianity, Islam, and
Other religions created during the Piscean Age?
The continued rise in the feminine power
The financial markets
The Trend away from war –America’s blueprint started this trend in 2006 and it continues for 86 years. What will this look like?
The dying system and the system that is being born
How long will this last?
How will America change?
What and where are the jobs? When will housing recover?
What we must learn from the universal laws—particularly the law of correspondence.
There will be more information including the rousing years of 2015-2019

2) The No. 5 and the meaning of a five year—2012

The Five Year in Numerology

2011 was a very limiting year. It seemed that everywhere you looked, there were restrictions and difficulties. Many limits were placed on you in 2011. It was as if you were in a box and could not expand. You could, however, in 2011 grow up in that box. 2012 is very different. It is a five year and five is always considered the number of change and freedom. Now more than ever there will be more change and the cry out for more freedom–freedom from something and freedom of something.

All over the world, people will want to make change and have more freedom in their lives. 2011 supported people in being more practical and invited them to be more disciplined and orderly. Hopefully, you have become that. Now that you understand more and have been better at disciplining yourself, you can make constructive changes in your life.

The No. five offers us the opportunity to look back on our lives and see what we did and to make the necessary changes to them so that we can move forward in a more effective and supportive fashion. Just because you experienced all that restriction and hardship in 2011, does not mean that you will have a repeat in 2012. People already feel better just to get out from under the yoke of the No. four year of 2011. There will be many surprises this year. You can expect them. The world can make a major step forward this year and so can you, if you are willing to take some calculated risks.

Wisdom is the key but we all will be faced with choices that require fast action. Be willing to act outside of your safety zone. Remember the word “wisdom”.

3) How to work with the month of January—the No. 1 month

First of all, as much as you would like to begin anew, fresh and eager, you are still cleaning up from last year and last month. January is, therefore, an exhale month, a recovery month—sort of a time to be in the void. Remember, it is the void where ideas and creations are cooked up.

Many people are recovering from cold’s, flu’s and are exhausted from the holiday season. Not the best month to really begin new things. It is a one month, but it is also a release from the old. We can prepare ourselves with plans and think of our strategies and tactics but you will not see too much action until March—the three month. Nevertheless, do prepare yourself while still cleaning up a bit of the old stuff.

Write your plans out. Go back two more times and rewrite and revise them. Get your ideas on paper and out of your head. Keep your mouth closed and your ears and eyes open. Let the power of your plans grow. Tell no one. Be ready to move on your plans as you recognize the signals and signs to go. Network, simplify and seed your garden. When March comes, you should be on your horse and riding to your destination.

The month of January is named after the Roman God Janus, the god of doors and gates. Since gates and doors can swing both ways, Janus was thought to be able to see back into the past and forward into the future. He was represented in pictures as having a double head that looked both ways. So it is with this beginning month of January. We can best be served by looking at the past year, seeing what we learned, what changes need to be made and look to the future with the opportunity to improve our lives.

4) Question and Answer

What is an example of the futility of worry?
Answer: from Manly P. Hall
From the book “Adventures in Understanding”—“I know a man who has been losing his job for years. He has been quite certain the he is going to be replaced by something, either the boss’s relative or through automation. He is now to going retire in the near future, and he will have completed his entire span… all his worry about it was a complete waste of time. He lost good energy that might have made him a poet, a musician, an artist, or a creative thinker. All he could do was to live in morbid anticipation of the future…….

The person who worries for 20 years is desecrating the life in himself. He is misusing it. Yet to him, his worry is a symbol that he is a serious, responsible, conscientious citizen…..when he finally wakes up after 20 years, he will probably discover that he was worrying about the wrong thing all the time. What he should have been worrying about gave him no concern because he was not aware of, or inclined to accept the real facts.”

5) View from the Freeway

Glad to see 2011 leave and welcome in 2012 and the big number five year. We may still be in a precarious position financially, politically and socially but I do like new beginnings and the promise that this year can bring. I have always understood that this cycle is several years long and brings about much uncomfortable change but then it will end and as the Book of Job tells us “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten”.

One of the best characteristics about this period is the rise in the exposure of our denials and self-deceptions. We have tried so hard to believe that all things were cooking along without our watching the store. We could hand over to someone else our money, our power and our free will choices and think that it will all be okay. Now we just are receiving one shock after another as the system crumbles.

Lobbyists are writing our legislation, 48% of all Americans are either considered to be “low income” or are living in poverty. The net worth of the average member of Congress has gone up 2 ½ times over the last 25 years while the average American net worth has remained stagnant. Need I say more?

Every time I drive down Wilshire Blvd, the main corridor of Los Angeles, I dodge pot holes and uneven pavement. In ancient times you could tell the health of a city by its roads. If the roads of this country are any indication of the health of this country, we are sick. The governing body of Los Angeles is a revolving door of crony city council members who were originally staff members on the previous council member’s staff or they are relatives. The highest paid city council members in the nation ($176,000 each year plus benefits-perks, car etc.) and the roads are awful.

We have just had a series of arson fires set in Hollywood and No. Hollywood—I think 50+ in all. It looks like they have caught the persons responsible but isn’t there a metaphor here? We keep exposing corruption everywhere and, to date, not much has happened to those who corrupted. Does everyone cover the back or another body part to protect the corrupted? In looking at the scheme of things and these Numerology transits and cycles, it all bubbles up to the surface for us to look at and to do something to change it for the better. Question is, when are we willing to get involved to change it?

Do you want these people leading your country?

We Reflect What We Believe

Look at these goofy presidential debates. Does anyone take this group seriously? Where is there a debate? I see a group of odd balls scrambling to get a job that pays much less than the heads of many companies. Why would they do this? Of course, you know why. The name of the game is to get the power and stay in power. The power can bring all kinds of special perks, days off, secure retirement, inside information to trade your stocks, great health care, employment secured, if leaving office, by lobbyist firms and all kinds of perks from selling books, lecture circuit etc. Take a look at how many millionaires are in Congress. A force in motion tends to stay in motion. A force of power tends to stay in power or gain greater speed of power.

From the freeway, on a clear day, I can see a group hanging on for dear life to their power, ducking and dodging the hard questions and pandering to their special interests which keep them in power. Have no fear, 2012 may look the same, but it is not. Occupy Wall Street will return in the spring when the weather is warm and the group will be larger. I am not sure they know what they represent but they are not going away. I think the next issue they will go after is housing.

Things won’t heat up until after the 2012 election. 2013 will be the pivotal year for domestic changes, the No. 6 year. People have not run out of money yet. What I mean by that is there is still unemployment insurance, relatives, food stamps, disability insurance etc. It is later when the election is done and several changes are put in place that the real change begins.

In the meantime—Promise yourself in 2012 that your biggest job will be to get out of self-deception, stay calm and healthy, eliminate the time wasters in your life and be accountable. The metaphor for the lack of honesty in the system is a reflection of our own self-deception.

6) Trends and Forecasts

Tomorrow’s Road?

Made in the USA is returning. Kiplinger reports that US Multinationals are returning home (Dec. 30, 2011). More manufacturers and service businesses will expand their operations and source their needs in the U.S. Caterpillar, AMD and DOW already have.

The wage gap is shrinking between men and women. Women currently earn 77% of what men earn. In 1980 it was 60%.

Iraq could be the world’s fastest growing economy. As they crank up oil production and keep sectarian strife to a minimum, their GDP could be greater than China’s.

Expect improvement in bank lending in 2013 to allow more lending and better terms for borrowers.

One hour of US manpower yields 7 ½ times as much as one hour of cheaper, less skilled Chinese labor. China’s GDP is 16% of US output on a per capita basis.

Serious look at the government employment situation will expose that:

Over 90% of Long Island Railroad workers retired with a disability—even those working desk jobs. The cost to New York taxpayers over 10 years was $300 million.

82% of senior California state troopers are “disabled” in their last year of retirement. (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 11). It is called pension spiking.

Over the past 10 years, Los Angeles fired 5 teachers (out of 33,000) at a cost of $3.5 million. (not the same as furloughed) (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 11)

Over 20 million people work for the government (federal, state and local) or 1 in 7 workers. Their salaries and benefits total roughly 1.5 trillion of taxpayer funds each year or about 10% of the GDP. They spend another $2 trillion. If the government can be run more efficiently by 30%, it would save approximately $1 trillion annually. (Philip K. Howard, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 2011).

7) Ponder This

Chinese Proverbs:

“The silkworm weaves its cocoon and stays inside, therefore, it is imprisoned; the spider weaves its web and stays outside, therefore, it is free.”

“Talk not of your personal success to one who has failed; forget not your failures in your moment of success”

Recommended Reading:

“Adventures in Understanding” by Manly P. Hall


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Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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