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1—The Significance of March
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Get out your track shoes and prepare to run—at least the first 12 days of March before the Mercury Retrograde begins on March 12th. I like to leave a few extra days on either side of a Mercury Retrograde so plan on really rolling up your sleeves until March 10th. Do not waste time on meaningless activities. Ask yourself, is what I am doing getting me to where I need to go or am I fooling myself?

The reason I emphasize the strong push of constructive activity for March is it being the 3rd month of the year. Remember January and February have just been your preparatory months and the burst of creativity and activity is now. We use the number three to create a finale. One, two, three go or three strikes and you are out or things happen in three’s. Here you are right at the start of the three. Be creative, be uplifting for yourself and be real.

The number three is the unifying factor of the numbers one and two. It creates a new level for them. We have just lifted ourselves off the ground from 2011. The three signifies wholeness and completeness. You have completed your beginning for this year. If you consider the support for all structures on the planet, it will always be the triangle. March is the “Trinity” month. Things come alive now. Let’s March in March!

Because we have a Mercury Retrograde during a large portion of the month (the retrograde ends April 4th). I remind you to NOT purchase important electronic products, automobiles, houses during this period. Nor do I recommend NEW job interviews or moving during this period. It is an excellent period to continue to work on existing projects, refine them, get very organized, double check all correspondence and above all DO ALL COMPUTER REPAIRS, ELECTRONIC REPAIRS, AUTO REPAIRS and ELECTIVE SURGERIES BEFORE THIS PERIOD BEGINS. If you are considering elective surgery wait until after about a week after April 4th. Case in point, my doctor had back surgery during a Mercury Retrograde. It did not go well. He had to go back in within two weeks, still in the retrograde period. This did not do the trick as well. A third surgery was performed many weeks after the retrograde and was successful. Another contact had cosmetic surgery during a retrograde and had to have a second surgery for refining the first surgery. All in all—anyone choosing elective cosmetic surgery should wait until after April 14th when other transits have moved on.

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