The Next Great Adventure- Is it all True Series #88

I am already looking forward to my next Kewaunee expedition hopefully in May/June 2010.

We have chosen the location; I have been drawn to this particular place for many years. It is a place of great beauty and solitude. It is a very old volcano with chambers, ancient lava tubes. These tubes are now serving as dimensional bi-ways to realms beyond all our dreams. This mountain is very sacred to native tribes. I am told if you climb the mountain and lay your ear to the ground on its small side mesas you can hear activity, sounds and voices never heard by man before. The tubes may be protected entry points between there and the earth plane. This mountain / mesa is well guarded by Sasquatch and dimensional beings. Ships –alien craft have been seen moving in and out, where there is no apparent opening in the mountain. You may ask why go to this place if there are things in place to keep unwanted humans out? My motivation is not to see anything but to feel, experience and use senses of the mind which are not normally exercised in this normal somewhat boring world. These abilities have been lost or forgotten to mankind.

Of course if they are willing to share maybe a picture or two of these dimensional beings with their mostly smiling faces, I would appreciate the moment. Remember most of these beings including Sasquatch are highly curious and a bit of tricksters, who love to mess with us human folks. Our intention is to pitch a tent high on the mountain and let it all happen and trust the universe to play fair. We will also work very hard to keep our fears and keep our emotional body in a state of peace. Your inner thoughts and your mind state are the keys to making contact.

This next trip location will probably be a resource for many more trips, because building relationship with these being not only works here on the earth plane, but it is alive and well in the dimensional world beyond our planet.

Sleep tight- dream hard- go to your dimensional place and find your peace.



The Mountain of My next Great adventure — Do you know the location?

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos from your last trip. I’m sure you guys had a great time.

    MWiz, if Sasquatch was considering spending time with any H. sapiens in the Pac NW woods, you and Kewaunee would surely be at the top of his/her list.

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