The Psychic Sasquatch –By Kewaunee Lapseritis

This book is about a scientist/researcher looking to empirically prove that Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists as a living primate. The Kewaunee’s paradigm of the world abruptly changed when in September 1979 a Sasquatch and ET telepathically spoke to him revealing their psychic reality. Later, he found other Experiencers who were also approached by Sasquatch communicating to them their concerns about how modern man is destroying the planet. At times, there were Star-people and/or Space ships involved. The Book is a well documented fascinating account that already has become a classic since its publication in 1998. Note Kewaunee will be at the Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque come by and say HI.

To buy an autographed Copy- send $25 ( includes shipping) to Kewaunee Lapseritis ( Check or Money Order)
PO Box 1062 Duvall WA. 98019 Kewaunee number is 425-844-8409 — Also put you name , address, email address including zip and your phone in with your payment.

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