The Religions of the UFOs and their Founders Part 1-Is it all True Series #70

I am going to do several postings on people who were inspired by something or someone to venture far from the mainstream and present radical views on the possibilities of the existence of aliens and their flying machines. These people developed very loyal cult following or mini religious-type movements.

Daniel William Fry was born in July 1908 in Vernon Township, Minnesota. Both of his parents died early in his life, and his grandmother raised him in California. As a young man, he was interested in chemistry and other sciences and settled on working with explosives, which helped him pursue a career in the new field of rocketry. He got a job with Aerojet, testing rockets at White Sands, New Mexico.

In July 1949, Daniels strange encounter began. On an extremely hot 4th of July day, too hot to stay in his base quarters, he decided to cool off in the surrounding high desert area. Daniel claims he saw a small “oblate spheroid” (saucer shape), which was remotely controlled by a mothership over 900 miles above the earth. Daniel was then invited on board by an Alien named A-lawn? (Alan), and Daniel was quickly shuttled between Mew Mexico and New York City in a mere 30 minutes. Daniel had many other trips, and his Alien being pilot gave Daniel a vast array of unknown human history and new sciences. With this knowledge Daniel formed a group (9 original members) called “Understanding”. It eventually grew to 60 units with international status. The group spread their knowledge through lectures, meetings, and through their newsletters. Their mission was to prepare the people of the earth for coming meetings with others from space, thus the Understanding.

So was this a cult/religion? Daniel always denied this, although there were rituals and a special prayer by Alice Bailey (Queen of Galactic channeling) to open each meeting. I have read articles about people praising his honesty, strange wisdom and authenticity. So did an alien named A-lawn give Daniel the ride of his life or did his work and dreams of rockets simply fuel his imagination?

Side note: Daniel would attend a yearly meeting at Giant Rock hosted by George Van Tassel. Next week- more on George.

Sleep very tight and dream well. Earth is just a brief stop on your infinite adventure.



Can we ” Understand ” ?

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