The Scalar Waves/ Tesla / UFOs and Frequency: Part 3 – Is it all True Series ? #119

If you have not read Part 1, it was posted 01/16/10 and Part 2 was posted 01/23/10. It seems that the Russians have been playing with these Beam Quantum Weapons since back in the Vietnam War, when it was rumored they supplied portable pulsar bazookas to shoot down US aircraft and it also was a possible carry-over against the NATO forces in the Bosnian War.

The delivery systems of the Scalar weapons are several types flex-handhelds, satellites, (Star Wars), aircrafts of all types, subs, and UFOs from earth governments, and non-humans alien beings. In people, these weapons destroy the nervous systems and can kill all cellular matter at high frequency levels.

I am also wondering if cattle mutations have been caused by the use of beam weapons in tissue experiments. Besides the precision surgical cuts of a mutation, the carcasses decayed very slowing, 3 to 4 times the average length of time of a normal natural death. This slow decay is an important characteristic of the use of the Scalar weapon on living matter. The Russians also liked to use this beam technology to modify the weather for helpful results for themselves while making violent weather for others.

Scalar pulse-type devices have also been used as a mind control tool, putting strange bizarre messages into people’s heads. The prison systems around the world are favorite testing grounds for these madman techniques. The Russians are quite advanced in this type of mind control. They are able to implant thoughts and actions at the deep subliminal levels where it really sticks. And since we are always competing with the Russians, you can bet we have the same technology. It is said that the Russians can change the moods of the masses over large areas with SWs. Maybe this answers the question why do the Russian have this huge alcohol problem- the Vodka.

All humans give off a signature frequency and some are saying this frequency can be picked-up by Scalar receptors. This technique is called remote neural monitoring. So with that said the need for implants to track humans may be unnecessary. Finally, these quantum potentials (scalar) can mimic frequencies of diseases and could very well spread diseases in dense population areas.

Note these scalar potential weapons may be just a conspiracy fantasy, something to talk about on the Internet. But if the Scalar technology can bend, change, and modulate frequencies over a large area, this truly concerns me. For frequency is what we are all about, frequency drives everything on earth and in the Universe. This God-like gene is our sacred frequency; we all depend on it to stabilize our life force. Man needs to stay out of the frequency business; this area is truly way beyond human capacity.

Sleep-tight, keep your frequency mellow, and life as we know it will probably go on.

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  1. I would like some feed back on this thesis and hypothsis.

    The title is self explaitory regarding Zero Point Energy.

    Zero Point Energy / Energy into Matter.
    Understanding The Relationship of Zero Point Energy, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics / Spirituality, and the Manifestation of Energy into Matter through Vibrational Frequencies creating the Structure of the Universe.

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