The Search for Contact- Is it all True Series #91

My present and future research will be in the areas of inter-dimensional travel and the beings that possess the ability to move between these different realms. One of these beings that can make this move is the Sasquatch. There have been hundreds of stories from reliable witnesses who have seen Bigfoot de-materialize in front of their eyes. Recently a friend of Kewaunee’s, who was visiting his home in Washington, was on his porch brushing her hair and a juvenile Sasquatch materialized, stared at her for a few minutes and then de-materialized into another realm. Hunters have accidentally shot and probably hit a Bigfoot. The wounded being reportedly started running and gradually faded into the ether. Sometimes the footprint ground impressions have less and less impact on the ground as the de-materialization process happens. It makes sense why it is so hard (close to impossible) to catch or shoot a Bigfoot.

On my Washington trip I had my friend, Kewaunee, dowse a map of an area near Albuquerque for Sasquatch, Vortexes, and ET activity. I now have a map with several points of interest on it. I plan on assembling a group of no more than three people. The reason for the small group is because Bigfoot communicates mostly by telepathy and too much mind chatter can hinder the process. These people will have peaceful minds, are not afraid of possible contact and of course, have a positive view of the big guy/girl.

During the dowsing process Kewaunee picked up that there was a family of three Sasquatch in the mapped area that would be willing to make contact with us. So we will travel mostly on foot to the site and hang out for a long day. We will bring gifts of food – apples, chocolate, peanut butter and berries. We will place the food in a tree about 7 ft off the ground to keep other animals out. Each person on the human team will meditate, one at a time, so the Sasquatch can get to know us individually. This whole process could take days, weeks, even years to make the amazing contact. The Sasquatch over time will gain trust and build a relationship, a relationship beyond anything we can experience between two humans.

The important phrase here is they control the contact – when they are ready, the contact will happen.

If you are a good-hearted person and have time and patience, you can make contact with these gentle and great beings of the inter-dimensional world.

Sleep tight, the gentle giants are waiting.



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