The Second Step to Contact -Is it all True Series #96

Well, two weeks later another team member and myself went back to the hidden lair high in the mountains near Albuquerque. Read my July 25th 2009 posting to catch the beginning of the adventure. So the anticipation builds as we get near our destination, with high hopes the Sasquatch accepted our gifts of food /snacks.

And the short answer is yes, something did take the food. But the burning question is was it a Bigfoot or a bear, a deer or something else. And there were clues, no mess so that leaves out raccoons, deer and squirrels since from my experience and from what others have told me they are quite messy. Our area was quite clean except for a partial wrapper down the hill. Please remember the offerings were not on the ground but on a fairly high ledge. Note we also put out garlic, which was still hanging in the trees, which I personally didn’t know if they (BF) even like. So how about bear–bear go either way sometimes very messy or slightly messy. But the thing that made me think no bear was that we placed the apples and chocolate on a bark plate and it wasn’t moved or disturbed at all, and a bear’s claws would make it extremely hard for it to pick up the apples and the chocolate without flipping the plate over or at least moving it to one side or the other. So there is only one creature left except for Sasquatch who could have taken the food, -humans. The trick for the human would have been sheer chance of finding this area, a fairly difficult climb in a heavy wooded area. And they (humans) have no good nose for the food, as BF does. So maybe BF, maybe not, but it looks promising.

What next? We had more apples and food bars with us. So this time we made it more difficult for whoever or whatever took the original food. We also bought 2 bags so we put apples and food bars into both bags. One we hang in a small but tall tree next to the original site about 8 to 9 ft above the ground; this would eliminate all animals we believe except BF and man. The other bag was hung over a ledge with a 12 to 15 foot drop. The bag was also tied around a rock, again making impossible for any creature but Bigfoot or man, to get the goods. The nose factor gives Bigfoot the decisive edge. Humans in this forested area would have a better chance finding a pot of gold than the stuff we put out.

I meditated for about 15 minutes to let the Bigfoot know what we were up to and hoped that they would give us a sign of their presence. We also left a surprise for them, a fun surprise, and an out-of-the-box surprise. – Hopefully they will like.

So we will wait for another couple of weeks to go back and see if we are a step closer to contact.

Sleep very tight; send out peace and love, maybe the Sasquatch people will send some back to you.


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