The Secrets of Dulce and more were discussed at the NM UFO /Paranormal Forum #204

The New Mexico UFO Paranormal Forum hosted an excellent speaker for their October meeting. Howard Eliason has a PhD in Education and Curriculum Development from the University of Pennsylvania and was a college professor at Miami Dade College.

Howard did research for five years in the Dulce area. His main focus was on the strangeness that has been part of the area for many years. His research partner was the late Gabe Valdez, also a researcher and state patrolman. They first looked at the Gas-buggy Project in the 60’s. The government version of a nuclear detonation to free-up natural gas reserves didn’t sit well with either Gabe or Howard. Howard states that the explosion could very well have been an attack by the US on an underground alien base located in Mount Archuleta. This atomic blast would have not only destroyed property and lives but the electromagnetic pulse it creates would have destroyed the alien base’s communication system.

Howard and Gabe found a great deal of symbols and drawings on the Archuleta Mesa and the Archuleta Mountain, and some of the drawings had reptilian characteristics. These symbols could have been used to warn or welcome air travelers (hundreds of thousands of years ago) into this area.

Howard also showed us numerous excellent photos of UFOs and strange pictures of life forms in the Dulce area.

One of Howard’s stories I thought was most fascinating was the egg stone. A woman in the Dulce area found an egg-shaped crystal on her property. This stone had some amazing properties. It would change colors and shapes through communication with people in its presence. The problem was the rock may have been trying to communicate with people and possibly brainwash them into doing something sinister, but at the very least it made them feel uncomfortable in its presence. Eventually the woman buried the stone in her yard to protect it from being stolen. These egg-crystals have been found on other Indian reservations around the country.

Thanks again, Howard, for the excellent presentation. You opened a little more of the secret box they call Dulce.

Sleep tight – The mysteries of our universe will be waiting for you in the morning, and these mysteries are infinite, layer upon layer.


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