The Snowman Commission – Is a Russian Disclosure Coming? Is it all True Series #277

KewauneeThere is an influential man named Nikola Valuev, a Russian boxer turned politician, who is a big believer in the Yeti/Sasquatch in Russia. I saw a picture of him, and his face with its strong features and big brow looks amazingly like a Bigfoot. Having vast areas of wilderness and areas of minimum human habitation, makes Russia an ideal area for Bigfoot sightings. During World War II, there were rumors that the Russian military had captured a shaggy brown-haired wild man (BF). There is a recording in military records from 1941, that a man from the Russian Medical Service inspected the creature (BF) before it was executed.

In 1958, the Soviet Academy of Sciences, with Khrushchev’s approval, set up a Snowman Commission to investigate evidence of surviving Neanderthals in the Pamir Mountains. Doctor Marie Jeanne Koffman interviewed 4,000 witnesses, who had sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures. Her conclusion was that many of the sightings reported by reindeer herders and fishermen appeared to be real.

In Northwest Russia, near the town of Novgorod, there has been a long tradition of people having come across “white eye wonders” and red-hair beasts, which seem to be traveling in family groups.
A region called Gornya Shoriya has also produced testimonials of hominid-like creatures, and there were many complaints that these BF-type creatures were stealing livestock.

Some interesting folklore out of the region includes a native wood goblin called Shurale, considered a semi-malevolent wild man. Included in the Tatar culture of the region, these Shurales have stolen many horses, so the locals would put tar on the horse saddle and when the wild men jumped on the saddles, they would get stuck so the village people could easily capture and kill the thieves. The Shurale live in bird nest dwellings, similar to the nest of twigs or branches talked about in North American Sasquatch research.

I have written several articles on Bigfoot-type creatures in Russian. It is interesting to note that the Russians are much more open to discussing Sasquatch and even UFOs. I still bet that the Russians will lift the veil on the Wildman/Bigfoot/Sasquatch conspiracy, followed quickly by the reality of UFOs.

Sleep tight, the Russians love competition so they will try to be first on this major disclosure. It’s on the edge, and it’s BIG for Russia and the world.


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  1. The so called Snowman Commission, including scientific authorities like professor Shmakov, Mashkovtsev and Porshnev, edited a number of booklets, the “Information Materials” with eyewitness accounts from all over the Soviet Union, mainly from Central Asia, materials collected during the great Pamir expedition in 1958 and from the Caucasus.

    The first four volumes are existing in several libraries outside Russia. For example in the Heuvelmans Archiv at the Lausanne Zoological Museum. But the following volumes, maybe five or six numbers, never came into the hands of scientists outside Russia and even inside Russia they were not available for foreigners. The first four volumes have been translated into Italian and English – fascinating to read, with many ethnographical and folkloristic refexions.

    It would be a great deal to receive the other volumes too and to translate them into English. Maybe someone with good connections to Moscow hominid researchers like Igor Burtsev, Dmitry Bayanov and Mikhael Trachtengerts can do this job. Good luck!

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