The Three People, who have felt the Alien Mind-Part 3 of 3-Is it all True Series #37

This is the last of the “three people postings” and I may have saved the best for last. I consider Louis Whitley Strieber a friend; I guess you could say he introduced me to the hard-core Ufology. About 22 years ago I was working in Atlanta and my assistant answered the phone. A man left a strange message for me, which was that I needed to go to the Atlanta UFO Forum that Friday. That message was from a Mr. Strieber. I went to the forum, and I was hooked on the hard stuff. Whitley and I later exchanged several letters and met at three conferences.

Here is a little background on Mr. Strieber (as he called himself); he is a prolific author with over 25 books to his name, which include fiction, non-fiction and more recently the fiction/non-fiction. Whitley first ventured into the strange UFO/ Alien world with his masterpiece entitled “Communion”. The book was in response to his December 1985 personal abduction. This abduction took place at his upstate New York cabin. He called the aliens “the visitors” which is a neutral term that leaves their origin open to the possibility that they were maybe from other worlds, our world, parallel worlds or even our minds. He continued his “visitor journey” in his next three books “Transformation”, “Breakthrough” and “Secret School”. Initially Whitley’s view of the beings was neutral, but I feel it was more like an unknowing, like an uncertainty about their motives. You could feel Whitley’s emotions and confusion bleed onto the pages of these books. But in the end of “The Secret School” he was moving towards the belief that these were good guys that were here to help.

Most of his books deal with the minds of both humans and “the visitors” and the points at which they meet. Mr. Strieber has gone outside his human mind to catch a glimpse of the Alien psyche, the alien mind. They are very different from us humans, so different that maybe only the hybrids will understand both them and us. Could Whitley be a hybrid – in the infinite universe – why not?

Now we get to his most recent books, “The Grays” and “The 2012 War for the Souls”, which are of the fiction/non-fictions genre. Fiction/non-fiction is an interesting term. Whitley uses a fiction veil to tell certain truths about his visitors. Without this cover, these truths would turn-off many of his readers and increase the criticisms and even government black agencies’ pressure to stop writing. These two books demonstrate a shift in Whitley’s feelings toward his visitors. Now they have a dark and hard look or even an “emotionally dead” look, which is the most dangerous, because without emotion there is no love. And with no love, mankind can’t prosper or even survive.

So dear “Visitors” don’t take our love…


Mr Strieber

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