The Trauma of the Encounter—Is it all True Series #99

I read an article on the Internet via the Associated Press. It was a curious story of an interesting man, who was facing one of the greatest challenges a human can face, amnesia. He was found in a park in Seattle sleeping under a tree and a bit dazed. After hanging out for a few days in the park, he had asked for help from a bus driver. The bus driver called the police. They flashed his picture over the Web and the information started flowing in. He is of German descent, had been an English teacher in China, had a degree in culinary arts, and was also a translator who spoke several languages, just to name a few of his skills and talents.

To the psychology folks this person is probably suffering from dissociative fugue, which is by definition–sudden, unexpected travel away from home, along with the inability to recall the past, sometimes even with assumption of a new identity.

So what is the cause of this disorder? It seems to be related to high stress and high trauma beyond the capacity of what a particular individual can handle. So John Doe (he likes to be called) was a teacher in a foreign Eastern culture for several years. I believe a different culture or culture shock can trigger these episodes. Now I have interviewed and consulted hundreds of individuals who have witnessed the culture shock of a lifetime, a very close encounter with an alien being. I have always wondered why is so much of an experiencer’s memory lost after their encounter. Does the human mind have this amazing defense mechanism, to keep us from going mad? Or do the aliens use a flash device (like Men in Black) to erase their memory, protecting us and them or both from the trauma.

Did John Doe have a close encounter with the beings that night and then they gently placed him in a beautiful park for him to sleep it off? Did John Doe’s abductors forget where they picked him up? Normally abductees are returned to the safety of their bed. So when they (the humans) wake up in their homes this re-triggers the memory system quickly and only the alien experience is lost. I believe 97% of abductees never know they were abducted.

From my years of conversations with otherwise normal humans I strongly believe about 15% of the US population has experienced an inter-dimensional encounter. You may say this is impossible. This means one out of nearly six people have had a dissociative disorder sometime in their life, related to an otherworld-type encounter.

Well sleep tight. They normally put you back in your warm bed and not in a park, although summer time in Seattle is quite pleasant.


The Park- Discovery Park

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