The Truth Seeker – a Lonely Journey -Is it all True Series #250

I have been a Truth-seeker all my life , hence my website Truthseekerforum. Being a Truth-seeker is a very hard job in this skeptical world. Even when you have absolute truth on your side coming from the best scientists and professionals our world has known . This truth can mean nothing in a world of apathy and complacency and a world that fears change through truth. Even family members, reject the possibility that another family member could be speaking of a major break-through of truth and knowledge. So I tell you its a lonely journey for us Truth-seekers, if one does not continue to question , we may go on , believing established lies.
Below is an email I received from a fellow Truth-seeker as he tries to reconcile with his family – his journey for truth and how it fits into their lives.
Enjoy MWiz,
PS I may not agree on all the content of this email , but I truly feel his struggle.

I value ‘a difference of opinion’ too… within the context of ‘truth-seeking’.
A difference of opinion… & skepticism is great… until it begins to
‘interfere’ with one’s ability to perceive ‘actual empirical reality’
known as ‘factual evidence’. At that point, the person who can ‘see’
the empirical reality… after exhausting all patience to be ‘helpful’
to the ignorant other party… would be better off spreading the
message to others who are more ‘open-minded’.

This is especially important to do if the empirical reality indicates
extreme danger to the ENTIRE WORLD at the hands of a few insane
people who would destroy the world if they couldn’t ‘have their way’.
Indeed, THIS HAS BEEN a ‘race to save the planet’.

In other words, you may be building this nice ‘Sustainable Living’
society (which is WONDERFUL) while our factories are building weapons
& our US foreign policy is being used to promote wars of aggression
which are MUCH MORE RAPIDLY causing unimaginable suffering &
long term pollution to this planet (atrocities committed in our name).

But have no fear, enough people HAVE waked up to handle the situation.
You may continue ‘sleeping in’ to the ‘bigger reality’. It’s a ‘done deal’…
we have won… as long as we don’t ‘let up’ for a moment until it is truly ‘over’!

When will YOU realize that I am not ‘alone’ in my ‘opinion’?
When will YOU realize that I am a ‘truth-seeker’ & ‘teacher’…
& that it makes NO LOGICAL SENSE for me to have continued on a
self-imposed mission for over 11 years… if the conspiracy &
full scale coverup of 9/11 weren’t true?

My family members have not been ‘enroll-able’ in over 11 years about 9/11.
Do you have any concept of how frustrating that is… that my POSITIVE
message of ‘hope for humanity’ is considered ‘negative’ by you all?
Have you considered WHY you think of my message as ‘negative’ & I
consider it positive? When the truth of 9/11 gets to average people…
in a way that helps them to ‘connect the dots’, do you truly believe
that the world will stay the same & our corrupt government will
be allowed to continue in the status quo?

By the way, I’m not alone in that frustration either. Most of my peers
are faced with similar situations with THEIR family members! 🙂

In staying separate from family for a number of days, I have generated
enough patience to try this one more time to get through to you…

In my own PERSONAL research, in pursuing the empirical truth,
I discovered in May, 2001, two empirical realities at odds with ‘mainstream
reality’ (the perception of the masses of people).

1) A mainstream attempt at ‘disclosure’ about UFOs (about which I had
predicted to you, Jane, & Fred 4 yrs & 7 months earlier after watching
3 episodes in a row of ‘X-Files’ with the 3 of you… in Oct, 1996. If you
recall, I stated to you “Mark my words, there will be a credible ‘coming
out’ of info about UFOs in three to five years.” And in unison, all 3 of
you exclaimed, “Yeah right Pop!” Do you remember that?

News of the Disclosure Project, May 9, 2001 at the National Press Club,
Washington, DC… fizzled in the mainstream media after just 2 days
of reporting… because of heavy-handed censorship. But remember…
by Oct. 1996, I had already personally witnessed 3 UFOs. So, I was
ecstatic to report the news of the ‘Disclosure Project’ when I found
out about it. And I most certainly DID report the news with great
enthusiasm… but with body language responses from most people
of eyes just rolling back inside their heads in utter disbelief & an
unwillingness to engage in further conversation.

2) I came across evidence of a covert operation that had occurred in
1933 at the time of the bankruptcy of the U.S…. what was done
behind closed doors to create a legal framework to enslave all US
citizens without their knowledge. We still have a ‘national debt’.
We still have this problem! It has gotten FAR WORSE in the
past 11 years! [In fact, it is the basis of the financial crises of
most of the western world RIGHT NOW!]

These two things came together in a single deep insight that I had
back in late May of 2001. I recognized that the existence of these two
realities was ‘not possible’ if it were not for Lies, Deceit, & Secrecy from
our government. I later added “a lack of accountability of our
government to the people”. Many more insights have followed in
11 years’ time. I could not possibly have prevailed…
if I had been shown all of the truth at once.
It would have dis-empowered me!
Instead, I have dug into & handled a little bit at a time.
As I learned more, I made my findings known to others.

9/11 came along just 4 months later.
After the initial shock began to wear off about 3 days later,
I settled back down into my personal ‘skeptical mode’ that I had taken
about all new information after the huge insight of the previous May.
Upon seeing an interview of Dick Cheney about his role in 9/11,
I stated out loud when I was gripped by another possibility,
“Oh my gosh, could we have done this to ourselves?!!”

The interview of Dick Cheney aired on 9/14, & detailed his role during
the 9/11 crisis… how he had ‘managed’ everything from
under the White House in a bunker constructed for command & control…
while Bush was away in Florida participating in a reading of “My Pet Goat”
to school children there. I sensed intuitively that the Cheney interview I
was watching had been recorded PRIOR TO 9/11! Just a hunch…
an intuition… but I started to look for further evidence.

I speaking of my hunch, was ridiculed constantly… but I kept going…
because of the importance of it. I was operating on intuition…
I DID NOT have the empirical data YET. I attempted to engage others
in discussion. I attempted to engage their brains to help me to reconcile
the discrepancies. The implications of what had happened were too
serious to be ignored. If it was true, I HAD to get the word out to save us!

I tended to take the ridicule personally until one day when I recognized
that I was actually ‘privileged’ to be able to bring the information to
folks for the 1st time.

I reasoned that when a person heard it from someone else again,
they would have a familiarity with it and more likely to be able to ‘receive’
the information. Then it was much easier to slough-off any ridicule.

YES, I was ‘alone’ in the beginning about 9/11. I saw no one else & no
other people like myself & no dissenting information from the ‘official
story’… for the first 2 months after 9/11!

Do you ‘get’ just how ALONE I felt??
What started as ‘hunches’, intuition…
soon was backed up by discrepancies
between the ‘official story’ & empirical observations
with no proper explanation.

When a year later in Sept. 2002,
I had satisfied myself with enough evidence… I remembered thinking,
“The truth about 9/11 will get out, & this will all be over by 2004, for sure!”

But NO! I had no comprehension of the EXTREME control
& corruption within our federal & state governments!

Here we are 11 years later, you have 1,500 architects & engineers…
plus police, firemen, eyewitness, & family members of 9/11 victims
who did research (another 1700 people). The architects did their
science in the ‘peer reviewed’ style that you feel comfortable in.

By the way, HAVE YOU WATCHED those presentations yet…
“A&E for 9/11 Truth” PBS out of Colorado that I provided to you?
Probably not. Not worth your while, STILL NOT REAL, huh?
It’s not like you have to do years of research like I had to do.
It’s all prepared in a nice, sweet little package for you.
A few hours of watching videos & doing some reading,
and your consciousness will have been shifted.

And if you want more info all you have to do is Google it.
There’s a wealth of info ‘out there’.

Try to comprehend how ‘alone’ I have felt at times…
when I have had another ‘insight’ to an even ‘bigger picture’ & realized
that in 2001 there wasn’t but about 1 person in 10,000 (like myself) on
the planet that comprehended this level of ‘reality’… & that we needed
about 3% of the population to ‘wake up’ in order to have a ‘fighting
chance’ to get this mess straightened out in time… before the technology
of ‘control’ had grown to the point where we could not save ourselves!

With mainstream media propaganda insulating average Americans
from the truth, while constantly lying to us about EVERYTHING,
try to get into my shoes & comprehend how that has felt Jack…
to be ‘ALONE’ on that scale… & still have persevered.

Prepare yourself to be awakened… as your current reality is about
to be tweaked ‘gently but firmly’ with massive amounts of undeniable
empirical evidence spewing forth in the mainstream media over a
period of time… carefully managed to keep fear levels down to avoid
panic & chaos… info that has been available in rapidly growing
amounts… ‘at your finger tips’ on the internet since 9/11/2001.

As asleep as you & other family members still are,
you all may not grasp the ‘new reality’ until perhaps January 2013.

But KNOW that we have prevailed! The story has a happy ending!
We have a BRIGHT future. And I believe that because of the level
of the present medical technology that will soon be shown to the
public, that you will eventually be fully & completely healed of
your brain injury from the bicycle accident. ( son Jack had a bad bike accident)

I Love You,

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